You'd think I'd stop making games by now...
Black Shadows
A journey to the edge of hell, and the limitless reach of your very mind.



First Update in YEARS

I had my eye on this game and got really disappointed when I found out it became a dead project. When this came up in my notices, I was just like "whoah!".

The Wedding

Oh hey, I came here after seeing this in Gameshed. The game looks pretty awesome, so I'll try it out.

*sees lack of reviews*

I think I might review this for Reviewrim too...


Thank you for taking criticism well, dude. On retrospect I guess I was too offensive, lol.


Okay... I'm not trying to be rude here, but this game has, er... a LOT of room for improvement. First of all, if you're going to make a game based on a TV-show that takes place in the modern world, the least you can do is get rid of the RTP graphics. There are enough free chipsets out there that will get your job done.
Second of all, you NEED to get someone to fix that horrible writing. I know that not everybody is fluent in english, but at least make the writing, y'know, "readable". Third, you're making a game about a really dark subject, at least try to make the game feel like it's about hunting undead, not about going about killing mutated rats. I found myself laughing for the most parts. How did the Winchester brothers find themselves in a motel in the middle of nowhere without any memory of EVEN GOING THERE?

LAST, if this is a joke submission or something, then congrats. You win the Jeff & Paul Award for excellence in game making.

Coming out of the crypt..

This game looks bloody awesome, so you better finish it soon, or I'll kill you. :P
Just kidding, take your time. I wasn't kidding about the killing thing though, mind you.


I wish you luck in your endeavors!


Congratulations, Ashes! Hoping to see more awesomeness from thee!

Perfection & Secroma

This game seems pretty interesting. I'll give it a whirl!

Ad Quietem Postremam

This game looks really good. I hope a demo gets uploaded soon. *subs*


And so I asked myself, "Why didn't I sub to this?!"


Also, the chip-set looks amazing, where did you get it?