[RMMV] Trying to remember how the Extra Maps plugin works

So, for a few of my projects, I have determined that I'll need more than 999 maps. I know that sounds crazy, I really do, but I have to think of how likely I can get the game's story told in the default amount of maps... which, honestly, is not very likely at all.

Well, with that said, how do I use the plugin? I wish to keep that in mind for future reference.

How does one use a game design document for games made in RPG Maker?

Yes, you see, I'm completely clueless about how the GDD is supposed to be used and how to work in it. I remembered that I had a template for one somewhere on my Google Drive, but I never used it, because I was so much an idiot (among other things)... still am an idiot, mind you, but that's from lack of know-how.

*ahem* Anyway, I'm wondering how to best use this design doc that I'm filling in the template for, which is going to be used for an RPG Maker game. Anyone have any idea how to best work with it for the whole thing? Also, last I checked, this was supposed to go with the Unity3D engine... oh well: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13TLifEVWfwGIAARBPlnHRpTjatNMG6lMh--jW0wi5Sg/edit?usp=sharing

Question regarding Yami's Tilemap Plugin

So, I have the plugin ready for whatever, but I don't even know how to use it. Does anyone know how it works (or even how to use it)?

Regarding commercial RM games...

Okay, first off, if I posted this in the wrong spot, please move this for me, alright? I haven't been posting enough to be able to determine that much on my end.

Er... *ahem* okay, here are the questions I have in mind for this thread, if you guys don't mind answering:

1) What would be considered the flat rate for an RPG Maker game, as in, one without the fancy gimmicks of most commercial games of the type?
2) What would you be willing to pay for an RPG Maker game with custom graphics, but no custom anything else?
3) What would you be willing to pay for an RPG Maker game with custom audio, but no custom anything else?
4) What would you be willing to pay for an RPG Maker game with custom scripts, but no custom anything else?
5) What would you be willing to pay for an RPG Maker game with custom movie files, but no custom anything else?
6) What would you be willing to pay for an RPG Maker game with custom stuff in two or more categories?

I'm just asking this in advance, because I'm planning to develop a commercial RPG Maker game that would have more bang for the dollar, if that even makes sense. I'm still in the process of determining the details regarding this game, though I do know it'll be a science fantasy game, at least to some degree.

I was browsing my profile and discovered something...

Well, this might not have been relevant in the past, but I noticed the Dropbox feature on this forum. Now, because I actually have a Dropbox account and use for said account, I decided to figure out how to implement my own account onto my profile here.

Only problem? It won't let me turn the feature on.

Does anyone here know what I'm doing wrong?

Want to get my username changed

Well, even though I don't look like an old member on this forum, I am one. However, I would like to think that I'm out of the "Narutard" phase of my life, which is why I'm aiming to ask someone who might be an admin or moderator with sufficient privileges to shorten my username to "Xamusel" (without the quotation marks).

Thanks for reading this... also, if this was the wrong action to take to get my username changed, I apologize. I should be in bed now, my mind is being fried for not getting the sleep I need, and I don't know where to put this normally. As such, when the action has been done (about my username), could someone please lock the thread?


I don't know where to put a Hello topic, but, here it is...

Hello, everyone, I am Xamusel_Uzumaki... your neighborhood Nobody General, friendly Ghost-controlling Shaman, Supreme Ninja master, Perfect target of Girls (those past four were things I made up for myself), and all-around Game Dever. If there's anything I need to know, please let me know here, because I don't have that much time while on the east coast, seeing I'm a west coaster by birth and living rights (and some other things I shouldn't mention).

Thank you.
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