While I've used RPG Maker for maybe 4 or 5 years now, I've never completed or published any RPGs. Hopefully, I'll be able to soon. If I ever do, feel free to say whatever you want about them. Note that I don't make them namely for a fanbase but more of for my own self-enjoyment, however, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Right now I have absolutely no inspiration for any future projects. I've juggled a few ideas for either new things for my current project (which is borderline hiatus right now) and new ideas but nothing is satisfying me -_-



I thought RMN was dead ToT

Well, that's good to know.

I thought RMN was dead ToT

Well, last time I was on I remember talk of WIP deciding to end RMN, so I ended up not signing on for a while. Doubt really if anyone remembers me, but I am glad to see that this place is still alive. I wouldn't exactly say I'm coming back, but at least I now know that RMN is still here for when I do make my return into game design (aka, RPG Maker :/)

PS: Not really sure if this is the correct place for this post, but I see others making return posts here, so I apologize if I posted in the wrong place.

Site Feedback Overhaul (meaning that we need your feedback)

Sorry, I guess you thought I meant the entire forums. I meant this specific one; I added some clarification in bold. (What chaos said, basically.)

Oh sorry, I misread. Well, as I said I like the layout fine.

Site Feedback Overhaul (meaning that we need your feedback)

Personally I like the forum the way it's laid out now.
However, maybe you could have it where people could thumbs up or thumbs down posts/threads or something to show who agrees or disagrees with one's feedback.

Legendary Legend Review

Because this seems to me like a witch hunt, much like with McGee's To Arms. I probably could've thought my comment through better though. Besides, a joke's no fun when you have to explain it.

I really don't want in on this debate though, I loved this game and it's my opinion. Have fun peoples :3

Chrono Trigger Review

Didn't I blast the hell out of this game already?
I'm all for more reviews but aren't there other games that need it more considering this game was bad on purpose?

Legendary Legend Review

This should've been called "Max McGee: The Game".

Legendary Legend Review

I guess it's because I'm fairly younger than everyone else, but I honestly enjoyed the game solely for its humor, which I did find funny. I will say that this game is definitely geared toward a very select group that enjoys stupid humor such as myself, and is definitely nothing special in every other area. I guess the writing was enough for Silveria and Solitarye, but I can understand how you wouldn't find it as enjoyable.

However, I am glad this game was featured. Being one of the first games I played when I joined RMN, I have fond memories of this game. And for those who think it doesn't deserve it, at least this game is a better choice than a lot other games on this site.

Legendary Legend

About time this game got featured...

Craze Hates Dungeon Crawling

I find dungeon crawlers' main problem is that they tend to be repetitive. When I think dungeon crawler I tend to think of Fishigi no Dungeon games where you constantly have to go back to dungeons to do missions or grind, gradually going deeper and deeper into each one, which can get VERY repetitive VERY quickly. Plus a lot of those type of games tend to have very weak stories that fail to keep most gamers gripped.

If there's a way to remove the repetitiveness of having to see the same dungeon for 20 hours, then you could make it fun (but in many senses RPGs in general are all about repetitiveness I E grinding :3) Having a story that we could give a damn about would help too, but I don't think a lot of people have the patience to go through 20 hours of dungeon crawling just to get to it.

I guess you could consider games like Castlevania dungeon crawlers, but I don't.