While I've used RPG Maker for maybe 4 or 5 years now, I've never completed or published any RPGs. Hopefully, I'll be able to soon. If I ever do, feel free to say whatever you want about them. Note that I don't make them namely for a fanbase but more of for my own self-enjoyment, however, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Right now I have absolutely no inspiration for any future projects. I've juggled a few ideas for either new things for my current project (which is borderline hiatus right now) and new ideas but nothing is satisfying me -_-




So why exactly is Scar duking it out with Zack in Rock Void Zone?


No it's not VX, it's the default RTP and the tileset artists being horribly lazy. I suggest you convert XP tilesets and use them instead if you really want to stick with the RTP since they are at least easy on the eyes.

You have control over this in VX, contrary to what VX detractors keep parroting.
WolfCoder, I use RTP and my game looks perfectly fine to me. Plus, you're not exactly an expert at game making so your opinion on what he should or should not use doesn't matter.

So basically you're saying that your opinion doesn't matter if you're not an expert at game making?
Game making has nothing to do with basic appeal. This map simply is not all that great, and it doesn't take a veteran game maker to tell if maps look good or not.

As for improving, importing the XP rtp would probably be better. Dezz's advice is also a good idea to consider.


Go go New Age Retro Hippie.


Yummy Cheese

Yummy Drumsticks should be an item :3


Maybe he's in elementary school. You generally spend all day in the same class in elementary school (but it's been quite a long time ago so idk)

Yah he may be 16, but his frequent Dragonspark adventures constantly distract him from his schoolwork.



It's ultimately up to you what you do with it.
If anything though, at least make the dirt and snow islands less square...


Very simple and compact, I like that.


I say let the big bad demon have his way with this world, it doesn't look worth fighting for.
But really, it looks boring, as well as nothing like a real world would look like. It looks like just splotches all over a bed of sea. Try to have some kind of rhyme or reason to its design (Heroes Realm's world map is a good one to look at for what I'm talking about.)


Douglas, what the hell are you doing here? O.o (don't mind thas comment, my main char uses that same sprite.)
wait til you see its ultimate power in game (something im working on)
It's gotta be powerful if it can levitate off of the table O.O