While I've used RPG Maker for maybe 4 or 5 years now, I've never completed or published any RPGs. Hopefully, I'll be able to soon. If I ever do, feel free to say whatever you want about them. Note that I don't make them namely for a fanbase but more of for my own self-enjoyment, however, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Right now I have absolutely no inspiration for any future projects. I've juggled a few ideas for either new things for my current project (which is borderline hiatus right now) and new ideas but nothing is satisfying me -_-



The Fairly Odd Parents Movie... WITH DRAKE BELL!

if Fairly Oddparents was your 'childhood' im afraid to say it was over before it began

And you'd probably be right...

The Fairly Odd Parents Movie... WITH DRAKE BELL!

why do any of you care about this
Because it's Moronic.
Edit: Besides, I did actually like this show a long time ago, and I don't really like to see a small fraction of my childhood raped before my eyes.

The Fairly Odd Parents Movie... WITH DRAKE BELL!

Now that I've actually read the article, this really sounds more like a joke to me. I mean really, a one paragraph synopsis? And the plot sounds like one of Nick's 5 year old viewer's fanfiction (nerdy girl grows up to be BEAUTIFULZ, never heard of that idea before, and isn't there enough coming of age stories in various media already?)

To think that this crap passes for a movie. The only thing that can make this slap to the face even worse if it's going to be in 3D (which of course will be, because it's for children :D)

The Fairly Odd Parents Movie... WITH DRAKE BELL!

No... just... no...

You are stranded on a deserted chipset (island) with 1 RMN member

I'd have Solitarye so that he could review and pick apart any half-assed escape plans that I try to come up with.

zai jian

Welcome back, Azn.

Shinan's 'What the hell' 3 day gamemaking contest!

This sounds like fun. I could do "The Room: the Visual Novel!"

Nah, maybe something else.

Request for a new sorting category

Dawn's Light

Will you people stop posting reviews of this game? You'd think that a year-old topic would just... die? (and here I am reviving it again.)

Let's all just say that Dawn's Light is shit and no one in their right mind would pay $20 for it. Next.