I am an amateur music game composer who is trying to be better.
Feel free to request, I won't bite you... (I hope)

-RPG Music Challenge
-Mini Music Challenge
-RMN Music Pack
-Summoner of Sounds

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Summoner of Sounds

I just realized that I used my own timezone to compare with the deadline; that is dumb of me... =_=

Oh well, since I passed the deadline, I will move to review then :)

Summoner of Sounds

Woops, another music event is rolling!

Time to open my dusty Anvil Studio again! =w=)b
(and some additional software since midi's not preferred here :P)

From a quick glance, somehow I really like "Light of Heart Summoner of Sounds". Sounds like a theme of an awkwardly funny moment (which is really good).

RMN Music Pack: Court Composer Revealed!

Gratz Snowy Fox, and great job for everyone!
Lots of nice tracks you guys create.

And special thanks to Happy for organizing this event.
I'm looking forward to attending another music event. :)

RMN Music Pack

man, i wished i had more time, then i spent a whole month with no new song for submission because of school life =="
good job for all who submit great songs :)

RMN Music Pack

The event has been updated to last one more month so that everyone whose entries are still pending or validating would have time to get them accepted!

Apologies on delays getting track validated. I'm trying to listen the rest pending tracks in the next couple of days.

WOW really thanks a lot!
I thought about not making anymore because I didn't have much time left. :(
1 month extension should be enough for more music. :)

RMN Music Pack

Starts11/08/2012 07:00 AM
Ends01/09/2013 07:00 AM
Voting Ends01/16/2013 07:00 AM

can anyone explain the difference between "Ends" and "Voting Ends"?

RMN Music Pack

man, i'm sooooooo unlucky that i noticed this event just now :(
is it too late for me to join?

Mini Music Challenge

I really like Participant #38's Entry 11, it has great mix of instruments and brings an adventurous airship theme, especially the first half of the piece. My vote goes to it.

Mini Music Challenge

I've submiited my final piece... and its absolutely rubbish... it sounds like I spent a minute on it... please don't be TOO harsh, it is my first ever try...

Well first time isn't always the best one.
I bet that comments whether it is good or bad will make you better. :)

Btw, is this event has only 1 theme or there'll be more?

Mini Music Challenge

I just started n.n (I am talking seriously :/)

you're not alone, lol!
hard to think a fitting piece for the theme...
glad that the deadline is extended. ^^
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