Im a huge fan of the classics, such as NES and Gameboy. i am currently working on 2 games now, neither one is close to completion. these will probably be the only games i make unless i get another inspiration and enough knowledge.

If you want to read the book for my game The DragonSpark Chronicles, go to the website below. Read the terms of service located under the Lair link.



Parasite Eve: Reboot

Wow people still comment here o.0 holy crap.

I'm saddened to say that in the past while, I've moved between laptops and lost all progress with this game and am currently working on another project.

So for now, i'm done with this. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
Maybe I'll start it over one day, who knows?


I didnt think so. I just cant tell when people her are trying to be nice cuz all i ever get is negative comments and feed back. Sorry if i seem a bit hostile...

The symbols on the sword's blade are draconic runes i created while doodling. I decided to use them and they stuck. Unfortunately, I lost the paper with them all, so I have to rewrite them all from scratch *sigh* -.-'


Yeah? Well i wish this community consisted of people who do more than gripe and poke fun at every little thing they see.

But we don't always get what we want.

Final Fantasy Essence

Wow, you're putting so much time and work into this, I envy you :).
Still can't wait for the Demo!

The DragonSpark Chronicles - The Last Spark

The game's revamp is going well. Ive added a bunch of new scripts for more features in-game. I wasnt able to add them in previously because of my inexperience, but I got better :). I'll try and work on this as much as I can, but i have other things to do, like schoolwork, and PE:R's work, so, yeah...

Oh, and I found a potential publishing company that specifically does SciFi/Fantasy books, so when I finish the books rewrite/editing, ill be sending it in for (hopeful) approval. Wish me luck :D


Heh, actually I already did that when it was first suggested, I just forgot to change the screen shot here :P


I had to boot up my PSN copy of PE1 to see exactly what the windows looked like. There is a PE2 skin, but I need to find a texture to overlay to look similar.

Don't worry, it looks very nice in-game, and comes in 5 colors.

Parasite Eve: Reboot

Ohhhhh, okay i understand now.
Ill try it out when I get a chance

Parasite Eve: Reboot

Thx for this :)
I apologize soo much for not making anything clear >_<
I feel so bad now ;.;

there were some bird enemies in that area of the game

it is possible to use switches to erase them, but for the amt of enemies in the game it would take way too many switches and id lose track. Ill find a way though

B. Testers Wanted! For 8-10-11

Ill help out. Ive been using RM stuff for about a year and a half (maybe longer) and ive tested another game on this site and found a few things.

Plus I saw some of the stuff youve got for this game here and Im impressed with ur work :)