Im a huge fan of the classics, such as NES and Gameboy. i am currently working on 2 games now, neither one is close to completion. these will probably be the only games i make unless i get another inspiration and enough knowledge.

If you want to read the book for my game The DragonSpark Chronicles, go to the website below. Read the terms of service located under the Lair link.


Battle Engine Melody error

I added the YEM Battle scripts into my game, but it keep getting this error:

Script 'YEM Battle Engine Melody IV' line 5823: ArgumentError occurred.
wrong number of arguments(0 for 2)

Can someone help plz?

EDIT: Using VX (if it wasnt obvious)

Takin a break

I've been shirking off my college work for a while and its gonna take me a while before I can restore my grades, so for anyone who actually cares (:P) im gonna be signing off for a while, probably until sometime after Christmas.


In RMVX, has anyone else had issues with the passability? Cuz my TileA doesnt listen to the passability
(eg. I can walk through everything in TileA, including walls, tables, water, etc. even when they have an X over the picture)

Tips on Making Good Forests

I am bad at making forest maps, and i was wondering if i could get some tips.
Using VX.


In the profile page, what are the achievements for and how do you earn them?
(i didnt know if i should post this here or in the Help section, so sorry in advance)

Multi-Hit Attacks

Is there a way to make a system like this in VX?:

the multiple hits w/ one attack

Playtest Problem

I just tried to playtest my game after i added in an event, but now it keeps crashing. Im using RMVX. I had removed the event and it still keeps saying:

RGSS Player has stopped working.

Windows is searching for a solution to the problem...


Where can I get a MiniMap script for VX?

One More ThinG About RMVX

Im trying to figure out how to make an auto life state where when the char's hp=0 his hp will fully recover.
I tried to store his hp in a variable in a Common Event with no trigger and it doesnt work.
Can u help?

Famous and Infamous Game Glitches

Somethimes I think glitches in most games are actually useful, like the Peninsula of Power glitch in Final Fantasy I and III. What kinds of glitches actually helped you make progress in some games?
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