I'm a hardcore fan of the old school RPGs, but I've dabbled in a lot of different games, and genres. I like to point out the flaws of the games I play just as much as the good, so please don't think of me as cynical.

I'm from Canada eh.

My skype name is Nakirro.



Umbral Soul

Welp. I just beat the game, and wow that was one hell of a game. So many positives in the story telling. It had me wanting more, and more from the game.

I feel like the combat was a bit un-balanced, and leveling up felt super underwhelming. @_@

Overall though I greatly enjoyed the game.

Terrarium: Remastered

Well. I think 12 hours. I'll have to go dig up the folder to check, but... if you mix the shaman with a hunter, and you use nature's wrath... oh man... it hurts. Granted... if I would have picked arcanist with hunter... I would have gotten the same results.

I couldn't find myself using the beast tamer class... only because it lacked passive buffs... if you add 600Cp buffs on them... that would make it a worthy try for sure!

I'd love to see you make a fully fledged Dungeon crawler.

Terrarium: Remastered

Welp! I finished it in one sitting... xD

I Completely broke the game with this team. Mari was doing insane amounts of damage as a shaman.

Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

I swear that every time I'm close. They start picking on Luna! coming at her with 3 attacks in a row. @_@

Edit: So I found the secret room... but now I have a problem.

There's a mage that keeps one shotting me... I bravecleared the final boss, and got apocalypse, but I have no idea on what to do here. xD

Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

Alright! thanks for the answer! I'll be working on trying to beat him now. xD

Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

That moment when you get everyone to 50, and you just learned that in order to get to new game+ you have to brave clear. @_@

I'm guessing if I use that item to reset my skill tree. it won't lower my level eh?

Edit2: Ha! it does!, but now the Familliars I like are level 50. -_-

Edit3: Do I need to brave clear the final boss to unlock the optional boss? I swear I looked all over for the scret room. @_@


Where might one find the aegis shield? I've been looking for 2 days straight. xD

Nevermind. I found it in the crystal cave.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


Have you patched the game? That's the only thing I could think of what might be causing your problem.

Bug Reports

I saved it on a different slot. So no worries.

Neo-shinryu resets the doom counter, and you'll never die from it.

The 1-6 boss chain. You get stuck at number 5 if you've already done it. All the parts are dead, but it wont die.

Bug Reports

This one's a little weird.

Here's how this happened. I did all the sidequests, and I beat the final boss. It didn't give me THE END screen, but instead it teleported me outside the final dungeon. Every cut-scene from every town, and place is now like this.