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Creative Design is something I'm starting in the effort to obtain commissions that I will do for free to complete my portfolio; I'm looking to do at least 15 logos/ logo types and 10 posters.

I had already completed my portfolio, but after taking more classes and learning so much; you sometimes just look back at your work and go "wow, did I really think that was good?" To put it simply; I'm just not satisfied with what I have right now so I'm starting fresh with one logo under my belt, that being the "Creative Design" (although the internet version is still not complete yet.)

How does this process work?

Since this is online, it is very hard to get across a concept you want; so you are going to have to be specific; before you go to any artist you should always have an idea of what you want, or at least a direction. It's a bad idea to generalize what you want because that means the options are unlimited in color, design, concept, style etc. The artist won't even know where to begin.

So some good things to have in your head already.

What is this logo for?
Are there any color schemes you have in mind?
Is there a mood you want to set with your logo?
Do you have any references for the style that you are aiming for?
Is there something you want the logo to convey?

How the process works

We chat about what you want and figure out where to start concept wise; I do sketches and upload them for you to view and then we proceed based on what you like. When we have a basic concept down we finalize it in black and white.

So we'll be using my logo for examples; I chose the letter C because it's the first letter in the name of this little project. I chose the monkey because I personally believe that in order to be creative we need to be curious about why things are the way they are and monkeys are known for their curiosity, and cleverness. Both attributes falling under creative. I chose to break the C into a puzzle piece because I also believe that we are solving problems when we try to be creative, not only that...graphic design itself is a puzzle with each and every client you sit down with. They come to you with a problem that cannot solve and its my job to solve it.

Black and white

Why do we do it black and white first?

"If it works in black and white, it can work in color."

Simple Color Version

Then we move onto adding color; for me I used Light blue because I wanted to set a very calm mood personally.

Internet Version
(can also be used as printed but not recommended)


That's basically how it will be broken down for all the logo/ logo type request! Thank you for interest in helping me build up my portfolio!

Posters are a different approach, though they follow the same spine outline, it requires a a lot of revision in my opinion.

My Screenshot is Bigger Than Yours!

author=Archeia_Nessiah link=topic=1971.msg32865#msg32865 date=1221900907

While I like the colors and border designs, the spacing and negative spaces are just really awkward, I think you can organize this a whole lot better.

Think more "Compact" ...just a bit.

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Go go business card

you look someone I would trust with my finances...take it how you want.

Hey cool, anime eye contact lenses!

dude, she looks creepy :\ reminds me of grudge child ...from the movie, the little Asian boy.

New Enterbrain Maker - Action Game Maker!

if it's user interface and function is anything like rm2k3 then I'll def transfer winter to this program; winter is an action based game after all.

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Dropped off the face of the world for a minute, I might make a post about later...but since I"m kinda of back; here is a pic.

I need those glasses. >:[

You need to be a pimp first, sorry.

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Dropped off the face of the world for a minute, I might make a post about later...but since I"m kinda of back; here is a pic.

Screenshot Shogunate

author=Darken link=topic=1503.msg24723#msg24723 date=1216671822
author=Little Wing Guy link=topic=1503.msg24715#msg24715 date=1216666738
There's absolutely nothing wrong with Rudra. Why avoid something just because other people use it, that's silly. You should be happy with the graphic style you choose.

I very much disagree with you there, true that Rudra has nothing wrong with the graphic style. But somehow it's officially the latest rm2k3 trend. Whether or not you want your graphics to be part of an overused cult is a pretty big deal. Personally I'm getting sick of Rudra. If you can at least put some effort into editing the graphics (besides color changing) then it probably won't be as bad.

flawed logic, games around here takes years to make progress... let alone come out. Am I? someone who's been using Rudra chipsets should just change my whole graphical style because 4 years into making my game the chips I chose back then have become a trend?

if that were the case I would be stuck in an infinite loop of progress that never ends. Here are your options around here

A) Get over it and use what you like.

B) Use something no one has before and show it off only to be copied.

C) Use something no one has before and don't show it off and have someone beat you to the punch.

D) Make custom graphics (extending your production time by 40 years.)

Harmoic, that is awsome! ...dude check out the booty on that bottom bitch taboo!

Metal Gear Solid 4

I feel like going back and playing all the games, but I remember how long it took me...I still might because its summer, but I don't have much time to do things like I use too.

Anyway, it doesn't matter all to much since I don't really play video games, I don't even own a console, so :P

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Man, you changed a lot litearc, haha.
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