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Creative Design

Creative Design is something I'm starting in the effort to obtain commissions that I will do for free to complete my portfolio; I'm looking to do at least 15 logos/ logo types and 10 posters.

I had already completed my portfolio, but after taking more classes and learning so much; you sometimes just look back at your work and go "wow, did I really think that was good?" To put it simply; I'm just not satisfied with what I have right now so I'm starting fresh with one logo under my belt, that being the "Creative Design" (although the internet version is still not complete yet.)

How does this process work?

Since this is online, it is very hard to get across a concept you want; so you are going to have to be specific; before you go to any artist you should always have an idea of what you want, or at least a direction. It's a bad idea to generalize what you want because that means the options are unlimited in color, design, concept, style etc. The artist won't even know where to begin.

So some good things to have in your head already.

What is this logo for?
Are there any color schemes you have in mind?
Is there a mood you want to set with your logo?
Do you have any references for the style that you are aiming for?
Is there something you want the logo to convey?

How the process works

We chat about what you want and figure out where to start concept wise; I do sketches and upload them for you to view and then we proceed based on what you like. When we have a basic concept down we finalize it in black and white.

So we'll be using my logo for examples; I chose the letter C because it's the first letter in the name of this little project. I chose the monkey because I personally believe that in order to be creative we need to be curious about why things are the way they are and monkeys are known for their curiosity, and cleverness. Both attributes falling under creative. I chose to break the C into a puzzle piece because I also believe that we are solving problems when we try to be creative, not only that...graphic design itself is a puzzle with each and every client you sit down with. They come to you with a problem that cannot solve and its my job to solve it.

Black and white

Why do we do it black and white first?

"If it works in black and white, it can work in color."

Simple Color Version

Then we move onto adding color; for me I used Light blue because I wanted to set a very calm mood personally.

Internet Version
(can also be used as printed but not recommended)


That's basically how it will be broken down for all the logo/ logo type request! Thank you for interest in helping me build up my portfolio!

Posters are a different approach, though they follow the same spine outline, it requires a a lot of revision in my opinion.

Website Layout

I'm planning on making a more permanent move to RM; I think this site has great pontential. And I wanted to lend my talents.

My only gripe...well before I start let me say this, it isn't a big issue what so ever; it's very small issue, but I am a firm beleiver in the concept of doing everything that is in your ability to improve something.

I was hopping to gather information on how editable the website layout is? I would def. like to take a shot at laying out a more apealing user interface for the site. But I'm not a website (coder) I can def design one, but I can't code it.

Nothing MAJOR at all needs to changed, but with open progression I was hoping as a community we could design a new layout, using me (or any other member) as a tool.
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