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Screenshot Survival 20XX

Is it possible to use a different tileset without changing tilesets? Or would I have to switch the tilesets to use the fountains and/or anything else I need? Also, is this map good so far??

(In addition to all of this, say that I want to transport 2k3 stuff over to MV. Is that even viable?? Not that I'm probably going to do that because that would clash with the artstyle of not only the tilesets, but the character sprites I'm using, but thought I'd ask)

The sprite style in question is here:

Screenshot Survival 20XX

First time mapping in MV, and kinda stuck with default tilesets since I don't know anywhere to get tilesets. I can't exactly replicate what I'm aiming for with the default tileset, and this doesn't look super nice to me, but...maybe I can get advice on this? It's very different compared to 2K3's mapping, which I'm more familiar with.

For the record, this is what I'm trying to replicate:

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

Yeah, it's not going to be summoning anyone else to stay in the battle (that sounds like Final Fantasy X's summon, which isn't what I'm aiming for at all). It's still just something you can equip to your character, and it would still give a Summon ability like a normal summon (but instead of costing MP, it'd cost part of the Limit gauge, or the entire Limit gauge, to do to prevent spamming it only). I got the passives set-up for the summons, that part wasn't too hard to figure out (just had to make sure whatever I gave them wasn't going to be TOO broken. Some passives are just states that certain characters can give to the party, but permanent to that party member). I think it's possible to gain/lose a skill via equipment, so I might try that and see.

Ah, so no way to like...temporarily slot points into an ability or whatnot? The thing I was thinking of was moreso like the Magic Stone system in Final Fantasy IX, where you had a limited number of Magic Stones you could use to give passives to your character, but in this case, you could give them passives as well as boosts to skills, but only if you had enough points. If that's not viable, then might have to rethink how I want to handle the skill system.

Heh. If you think these things were ambitious, you should've seen the first game. That one was FAR too ambitious with the mechanics, especially given it was done in RPG Maker 2k3 (I'm sure Marrend and LockeZ both know exactly how that went).

For the record, the previous game took 11 1/2 years to complete, and the playtime is upwards to 70-100 hours. This game is not going to be anywhere near that length of time, nor that involved (previous game had 20 some playable characters, 10 some optional characters, and 20-30 some temporary playable characters, all with their own gimmicks and the like). The current game is split into 7 chapters, but there's a total of 20 dungeons in the main story (1 is revisited), and only a few will be semi-long (the last dungeon is the longest in the game), which is FAR less than what I had in the previous game lol. I am using quite a few of Yanfly's plugins for the skills (really, the only ambitious thing I can think of is the Collab and skill upgrade system. I figured the skill upgrade system might be too hard to do properly, but I really would've liked to be able to do something with it. The Collab I was really hoping could be done at the very least, same with the Limit system).

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

Yeah, the gamepage had a vid in a blog from you from 2019. I dunno, just something I noticed lol.

Debugging does sound pretty aggravating with that. I was afraid I'd have to make like 8 copies of every summon ability and 8 copies of every "Collab" command to do this like it was way back in 2k3 lol. Would you recommend this route at all for what I have planned or something else entirely? This was just my main idea for the Summon system, after all.

Hmm...wonder if that idea would work with party-unique team Limits. One such party-unique team involves one party of 4 very specific characters, and they'd be the only one with a 4-team Limit. Everyone else would mostly be 2 characters needed with full Limit to perform the dual Limits at all. I don't know if the Action Time matters in CTB or not, it's hard to tell. Still experimenting with things with that.

EDIT - Also just thought of this, but I do have a vid that showcases all the abilities I currently have made (this was before fixing bugs with the ones in the vid that weren't working). Is there a place I can share that at all??

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

Huh. Odd, when I clicked the link you put, the vid wasn't there because it said the YT channel was terminated lol. Maybe I just assumed it was yours for some reason. ^^;

Yeah, that's how Limits were handled from the plugin/method I saw was through TP (I don't use TP at all, so I can use it for that. I don't know how MV handles TP in general, so I'd have to really look at that more). Does adding the skill to the specified character only allow them to use that skill if everyone had a Collab command (so if everyone had at least 1 Collab on, they'd all have access to the Collab command)? The reason I'm tying it into the Limit system is so if you have enough for both a Limit or the Collab, the player would have to choose which would be better for the situation (even moreso if they have effectively dual Limits with other player characters. There are only 8 characters in this game, mind you. It's not as silly as Touhou Fantasy's 20-30 some playable characters lol...).

As for the very specific Collab, that one has a normal one if the requirements aren't meant, and the special if it is, and that one is an endgame superboss. Would this mechanic also apply to party-unique team Limits?

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

Mmmm...lemme try to explain more. It might be more akin to say...Espers in FFVI??

Basically, here's how it works:

*You do a Showdown to fight said Collab (optional fights, you don't get a single one through the main story).
*After defeating the Collab, you get them as a piece of equipment (the shield slot is renamed Collab. There's no Armor, Helmets, or Shields in this game, just Weapons, Collabs, and Accessories). You only get 1 copy of any Collab in the game, an there's I believe 20 of them in the game you can get.
*Equipping them confers various stat boosts/penalties and unique passives.
*Equipping them is what would allow the user to summon them during battle (not as a MP cost, but as part of the Limit gauge cost, to keep it more balanced and so you don't just spam them continuously. I guess I COULD make them a once per battle thing, or a X cooldown type skill (which there's a plug-in for...). Only the user can summon their Collab, nobody else can.

Does that help explain it? Reading what I saw about Unite in your game (also, what happened to your YT channel? It's gone? D: ), that does sound like how I'd want to do Limits (and only Limits). I don't know if I'd do that with Collabs or not, that does sound like extra work, but there is one very specific Collab that I WOULD do that with, if only because it's only fitting (but requires not only to be equipped on one of 4 specific characters, but all 4 characters must be in the same battle and must all have full Limit to do it). Otherwise, the Unite mechanic would be between very specific characters and very specific Collabs (if they had those Collabs equipped).

So, with that said (and hopefully explained better), would that still be hell? I am using Yanfly's CTB system for this game (I polled people about the DTB/ATB/CTB system and most, including myself, said CTB, though some said DTB too. Hardly anyone said ATB), so don't know if that'd be helpful or not.

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

Much obliged for the help. I ended up dummying the move outright since I couldn't figure the ability out, but that coding might be useful for other ideas in the game~

Since I'm here, I have a couple more involved questions.

1) Summons. So, the idea I have is that you can equip summons (called Collabs in this game) to each character. Each Collab gives a set of bonuses, for example:

Imbue Element: N/A
Element Resist: Darkness (50%)
Element Weakness: Light (100%)
Imbue Status: N/A
Status Resist: N/A
Stats: -40 ATK, 20 MAG, 80 Max MP
Additional: 20% chance for magic attacks to do extra damage, up to 5 hits, Encounter Half

This is what one Collab gives. You can only equip them to one character at a time (i.e. you cannot equip this Collab to any other unit), which works nicely for the passives and such...however, I WOULD like to make them, ya know, Summons. And the method of which I think would help is to do it via like a Limit Break. I know there's a way to do Limit Breaks, and I'm probably going to go that route (every character has: their own Limit, potential Limits with other playable characters, and then the Collab Limit which may or may not vary depending on who has what (taking Fauna as an example, her default Limit would be Let Me Stay Here (and later she'd get Wrath of Nature), some limits she might have with others, if they have a full Limit as well, like say...Bijou, would be Agent 4'7" (it would take both characters with full Limit to use it, and I'd like to make it take up both of their turns, if I can with the CTB system), and then the Collab summon ability). I was trying to set it up so that when you equip a Collab, it gives the character the Collab menu (which I may not use) and then add the summon that way, but then everyone would get access to that. I could potentially have 8 different versions of the same summon and command, but that feels unnecessary and I feel like I could probably code around it??

2) Upgrading ability system. This one is more involved, but I was thinking of having a system where you can slot points into abilities and/or passives, which you gain X points after every level up, so you'd be limited on points. You can remove the points so that you can reslot it into anything else, but as an example, you could slot points into Fauna's Feel Better Beam (normally heals one ally's HP equal to 25% of their Max HP), which you could upgrade the healing potential (50% > 75% > 100%, but increases MP cost obviously), could reduce MP cost, or potentially add other effects (for example with Feel Better Beam, maybe it heals some status ailments on top of the HP heal, or maybe it heals a little MP?). How viable would a system like that be to do in this engine? I have all the skills already set up, so it's just a matter of figuring out how to do the coding for this.

If anyone could help with either of these, that'd be great!! Both are big parts of the game that I'd like to work on, and I feel it'd make strategies more interesting in the game too!

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

So a question for ye: DTB (aka Dragon Quest style or FFI/FFII), ATB (aka Final Fantasy series such as VI and VII), or CTB (aka FFX style)? Which do you prefer?


Poll for those that are willing to let me know!

Also still haven't figured out how exactly to do the accuracy thing. Was also trying to get Counters working with Yanfly's Counter plugin, but that thing is weird and I don't really understand it lol. Tried to make it so that Counter activates against physical skills only (there was going to be Magic Counter and Evade & Counter too), but Counter activates against everything (also if I did just Counter Skill instead of Counter Skills, it would double counter in the same attack??).

And new question!! Using plugins and whatnot, what's the way of making it so that you can store how much HP each party member is healed by, and then later use that to do a damaging attack that resets the damage after using it?

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

Yeah, I was trying to think of how it would be done via Notes as I've done other things in there that way, but I've no idea how it would be yet lol.

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

So question! Is there possibly a way, with or without plugins, to make a skill that affects accuracy of a skill the lower the user's HP is? I'm thinking of having a skill that does damage to one enemy equal to the user's Max HP, but it has low accuracy at 100% HP. The lower the user's HP, the more accuracy it gains. I was thinking of trying this in the Notes section, but not sure how to go about doing this (of note, the user only has 4500 HP at level 99, so I may adjust the damage to be more, since this character is the one with the lowest HP out of the 8 playable characters).