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Nearing The End

My, oh my. Just was looking around for my name to see what was mentioned, and saw this mentioned. 14 years? That's something I never expected to see. Congrats on almost finishing it completely! I wish for it to be up to your own standards. ^^

Final Update!!

That battle is actually something from LATER in the game, so it's a thing that pops up much MUCH sooner as a "early game" sidequest. There's methods of increasing Steal% via equipment (Doubles it, in fact).

Yeah, only one has the capability to Steal. Mostly because she makes the most sense in doing so (and because I didn't want to double up on the coding for every single enemy in the game...). ^^;

Final Update!!



See, this is what happens when you forget you do things!!! *Runs and hides!*

Final Update!!

But who said anything about Alice being playable? :thinks hard:

Final Update!!

Because the problem is that I needed to tell WHAT the equipment does (and even then, what I have isn't everything that's told. Everything is in the Inventory document though, but be warned that it will tell you who can use what).

Sounds like someone got the reference : v

Final Update!!

Yes, it is, in fact, for Marisa. Sneaking Suit is also a reference. To what? Should be easy to figure out. The old description that items had were fun...for this one, the description was "Just don't try to smuggle cigarettes, would ya?!"

Final Update!!

Good. So it doesn't outright remove them AND it doesn't allow you to duplicate trading them in? That's good. I'm just hoping that it doesn't mess anything ELSE up later on that involves dolls, hue.

Yeah, skill books open up once you actually HAVE the characters accessible (if you cannot access them at all, such as Marisa when she leaves the party, then you cannot buy them skills UNTIL you get them back). It generally goes in the order that you obtain characters...generally, anyways. Not always the case, sadly. And it's not ALWAYS obvious what the skill shops are (in one particular shopping area, it's books, but in bookshelves and not on tables I believe...).

Final Update!!

Skill upgrades are in the item shop as the books. I believe the NPC even mentions it in there too.

Final Update!!

Only recently heard about this so I've only just got to Marisa's house but so far it's fun, if not a bit hard, not enough exp.
Now I'm just wondering if I should trade the dolls or keep them, kinda wondering if they're used to unlock Alice later on.

Thank you for all the effort in to the game even if I wasn't here to see you put it in.

Have you been upgrading your skills? That seems to be a thing that people tend to forget to do a lot in this game. Levels for the most part aren't TOO big of a deal, but they do help with the extra HP/MP/Speed in some areas of the game, that's for sure. Equipment can also make or break fights as well.

You are free to trade in the dolls, no worries on that one. Hopefully the coding is right on that.

The Great Bestiary Revamp #10: Remains of Hell (Phases 1 & 2)

I see you post these updates a lot, both here and on RMRK, and I'm confused as to why. The information is very in-depth and I'm sure there are some people who are interested in this level of detail, but it seems a bit much for the average visitor to digest.

"This is to keep tabs on each area's data and potentially revamp enemies/bosses from each area." - Taken from first line in post. It's an easier way of me finding things myself and keeping track of what's changed and whatnot, plus as you said, people may be interested in learning about the enemies. Even moreso if they're stuck at a particular enemy and need to know what they need in order to fight it better.