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Transferring RPG Maker 2k3 Maps

So let me make sure I got this down. Just make 5 new blank spots (or however many I need) equal to how many my other mapper has made, then close game, transfer maps over and rename them appropriately, and then open right? So it's possible to do if I have say...Map #492-496 and my mapper has made maps on #492-496, I just make 5 new ones, rename those 5 my mapper made, and I can transfer them over like that? So I'd need to have a 497-501, then name his files as such and it'll work that way, or do they need to be named exactly the same on both ends to work as such?

Transferring RPG Maker 2k3 Maps

I think I didn't make that clear lol...basically, the gist is we both use RPG Maker 2k3. It's just that he's using an older version of my game (slightly older. I have a few more maps that I made myself that he doesn't on his, and he just made new maps on his that's meant for mine). I'm just wondering it it's possible to take his maps and put them into my RPG Maker 2k3. Hope that helps ^^;

Transferring RPG Maker 2k3 Maps

So, I finally have a mapper on my team. Now, here's the thing: He's making maps in an older database than mine, and I'm not sure how to transfer his maps over to my database. Is it possible to do between different versions without having to have the same version, or do we need to have the same exact map version to do this? @_@

I'm quite certain that it was possible to do this anyways in 2k3. If not, then is there a way of doing this without having each other conflict with one another with working on this?

Hopefully I'm asking in the right section and in the right way. Don't want to make myself look like a fool doing so @_@


Well...there's not a whole for me to say about myself in all honesty. Been working on my own rpg with 2k3 for the past 2 1/2 years now (getting close to 3 years now that I think about it....ugh), mainly do video walkthroughs and playthroughs on Youtube, and um...not a whole lot else really lol. I have been working on my own story/game for the past 18 or so years (not the technical aspects of the game, just the thoughts and ideas for the game. I don't have that kind of programming knowledge to be able to do what I'd like to do with it).

And yeah, I think I remember you from over there Adon. Though I don't remember if it was you or someone else that suggested it or not. I know I had another friend that suggested it too, but I was pretty hesitant to do so back then. Still kinda am about posting my project here but I might...eventually...if there's any place for that that is. @_@

Pointers in Rpg Maker 2k(3)

So I'm confused to this somewhat. Let me see if I understand this since I'm trying this very exact thing (but I'm using different variables obviously. For mine I'm using 949 for the Step Tmp, 950 for Step Ptr, and 950-955 for Steps 1-6.

Now, if you use the Variable Reference, what I'm understanding is that if say, Variable Reference points to 1, and Variable 1 has a value of 5, it'll instead point to the value of variable 5. And with Value Stored in Index, if the variable used for Value Stored in Index is 5, it'll instead point to the value of Variable 5?

I'm trying to come up with new puzzles and whatnot to use for my game as to spice it up, as there hasn't really been any puzzles as of yet in it. This whole concept has me confused though @_@


Hello~ I was suggested to come here a long time ago, but never did. Decided that I might as well try hanging out here (who knows? Maybe I'll get help on my project someday). Not...a whole lot for me to really say or anything I suppose! ^^;