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Touhou Fantasy Review

Well, I've one person helping with ideas for the most part. Just wish I had mappers to finish the mapping portion, that's what I REALLY need the most help with. ^^;

Yeah, there were MANY times that I just wanted to dump this project and be done with it but...I didn't want to let the story go untold, even if it IS a fangame. I just like Hope and co. too much to let them not get anything really done, ya know? ^^;

Touhou Fantasy Review

Mmkay. Will doublecheck that. As for everything else, a lot of those were fixed already or were intentional (in fact, some of the bigger ones like the SDM issue was fixed not too long ago). The game's almost constantly updated (the most recent version was uploaded a few days ago, with a new version coming out soon). Although there were some that you pointed out that I didn't even know about, so it still was very helpful in tackling those (such as Pray not working right on Yuugi. Well, it did for level 1, but not level 2 or 3, and Lunasa was completely omitted for some reason or another).

If you give the game another try later with the updated version, might give you a better time. I'm currently in the processing of revamping armor which will make them much more versatile, abilities for characters to be a lot more useful, and a few other things. Some things will still take time to do though, such as status icons and the like. Times like these is where I wish I had more people to help on this project haaaa...

Touhou Fantasy Review

Well, will look into some of those and see what can be updated. Thanks for the review otherwise.

EDIT - Can you tell me which house it is in Ruins of Vina? I'm not sure which one you're talking about. @_@

Touhou Fantasy Review

Righto then~ Oh yes, the Chrono Trigger and Valkyrie Profile music? They are exactly as you thought they were. ^^

Which makes me wonder how exactly the guy WASN'T seeing them. The monsters, abilities, etc. were pretty much taken from there.

Ah yes, I've seen that one. Not my cup of tea sadly (dungeon crawlers killed me after playing Digimon World 2 years ago. 6 months to beat that game...ugh...).

Touhou Fantasy Review

Ah, 17 hours? That's almost around the time I'd expect (sometimes I get around 20 hours, sometimes 30). So I think you finished it even quicker than I lol. Then again, I never played through the entirety of the newer version so maybe I somehow shaved off 3 hours with revamping and stuff. That'd be nice o_o;

Yeah, the difficulty is meant to still be tough, but not ridiculously tough. This is taking after Genius of Sappheiros and Defiant of Shrine Maiden, a couple other Touhou fangames which are both insanely hard (DoSM is disgustingly difficult from what I've seen). I didn't want my game to wind up in that side of things (plus it seems whenever people think Touhou, they think it should be super difficult or something, which isn't always the case. Touhou Mother wasn't too difficult and was just fine, which is KINDA the role model for this game in a way. Different series and ideas, but role model nonetheless). Hopefully the FF elements were shown fine enough throughout the game since I know there was a guy on DeviantArt that wrote a "review" that didn't think there was enough FF elements at all (I don't know how you can miss most of them though). ^^;

Perhaps you can PM me your full thoughts on the game to avoid spoilers here. I'm quite curious to know your thoughts on everything, especially on the more difficult aspects of the game, the story, systems, dungeons, etc.. Can probably further help me with touching the game up more in areas that it may need it in too!

Touhou Fantasy Review

Hmm...maybe I changed that later and never uploaded that version then. Though I swear I recall uploading a version that included all of the various new battle animations. Weird. @_@;

Oh, so you finished it already? What was the time on the finished version? Quite curious to know just how long it took you so I can see if it's about what I'd expect on average for an average player to get through the game thus far.

Yeah, first one was just tutorial to really, really basic stuff and was basically a worry-free dungeon (unless you got really unlucky with the Hornet or Alligator). The boss does need updating really badly though. I tried to cut down on how long some dungeons were for the most part, but also try to accumulate the difficulty curve (there's a set pattern for difficulty curves, actually based on the Touhou series. Easy mode is basically the first couple dungeons, while Normal mode is dungeon #3 to dungeon #10 I think. Hard mode picks up during beta3, Lunatic somewhere in beta5, Extra picks up even later, and of course there's Phantasm which is endgame stuff). Sometimes I wonder if I went a little TOO far with some difficulties though (Eastern Forest comes to mind when you actually HAVE to go there...but I don't stop to grind or anything so...).

Hmm...that is true. I tried to keep the areas as close to the source as I can (with liberties taken of course for obvious reasons). Sometimes, I wonder if I did good with that lol.

Ah, those three. Yeah, the other ones I'd LIKE to have higher quality, but getting good high-quality images that's befitting of characters is kinda hard sometimes. x_x;


Touhou Fantasy Review

Ah yes...the whole multiple file syndrome. At some point I'll have that resolved. Eventually...it's troublesome with so many things in the game >_<

Onto the review though!


*Yeah, when it came to characters and their dialogues and actions, I tried to capture them as closely to their canonical selves as possible. Some characters were really hard to capture though. @_@;
*The ellipses...if you think it was bad now, you should've seen it prior to the version you played. It was even WORSE then. That's something I need to personally tell myself to avoid. x_x;
*As for the whole "Not knowing characters thing", if you take a look into the game files and look at the Pictures folder, you'll see a little thing known as "Perfect Memento" (named after the actual book for Touhou done by ZUN). In fact, it's meant to be kinda the same deal as the actual book, detailing who the characters are and whatnot. It's something being implemented to remedy this situation as I realize it's something that is problematic. It'll be an item in-game at a specific new location (or when entering the Human Village) which the player can use at save points or world map only (to prevent breaking events and the like. I MIGHT make it so you can use it at any given time but have to go through EVERY event in the game to make sure that you can't use the item otherwise).


*Odd...I thought I had renamed that to Debug Room specifically? Huh...maybe it was an older build you had there, as it shouldn't be that way at all. o_o;
*I don't understand why skills miss that much at all. I've seen several 95% skills miss often myself, and never understood why. Quite annoying, that's for sure...


*Ah...yeah, many maps are still in-development. Dunno how far you got into the game, but judging from you talking about new Misty Lake, Scarlet Devil Mansion got heavily revamped as opposed to previously (the old one was horrible). I'm not that great with indoor areas at all, mostly being better at outdoor areas. Dunno how that works out but it does! As for the world map, that's one of the maps I never revamped at all, simply because even moving a single location event would be painful to fix. x_x;
*Status sprites still use the original sprites (back before I started using battle animations for characters), and I haven't found anyone to help me with status sprites since then so I'm stuck with using the original sprites (or none). It's a problem, I'm aware...even moreso when multiple statuses stack but that's 2k3's fault there. ^^;
*Facesets are pretty hard to find some good ones to match I feel. I do need to update some of them, but perhaps you can be of assistance and tell me which ones you think don't fit?


*Huh...that's an odd thing that I missed. o_O
*Yeah, that's something I've been fighting with forever now. And probably will be stuck fighting. ^^;
*Bwuh? How'd I screw that up? o_O;;
*Yeah, one of the few things I need to touch up on, but haven't. Not sure HOW to deal with that. I tried shift mapping but it doesn't work well on that tile at all. >_<
*That's probably due to there being a lot of after battle events running (seriously, take a look in common events and you'll see like 17 Battle Cleanup events. Yeah, there's THAT much stuff to clean-up after battles, and it's mostly related to the Weapon/Armor Bless systems). @_@;
*Hmm...if it's only Misty Lake you're referring to, then yeah, I'll probably have to fix that up. But if it's going to the Human Village, it shouldn't be too difficult to find since the game tells you outright to go there, and there's a green path to follow.

Stray Observations:

*It was a way to make them more unique. Before, they just had their skillset and that was it. Maybe some secondary commands like Marisa's Steal, but other than that, they felt very lacking. In addition to a subcommand, they all have an in-battle passive (such as Marisa finding random items during battles or Reimu having a chance to fully heal from statuses) as well as overworld abilities (for instance, Marisa having a 50% chance of finding an additional item from a set list when opening chests). The Read Me talks about each character in that regards, and the Perfect Memento item will try to as well. I am not working on that bit, btw, as it's being handled by someone else.
*Yeah, I limited areas so the player didn't get TOO off-track from the main game and get themselves too murdered. Eastern Forest was already a big murderzone. ^^;
*I try to make places lively. ^^;

I'm glad you enjoyed the game at the very least though! As for battles, I intend on spicing them up at a later date to give more element of strategy to them, since I'm trying to make the game have that in it (the game lacks it a bit in some areas. The very first dungeon in particular mostly because it's the tutorial dungeon really. Dungeon #2 (Forest of Magic) was meant to introduce status effects, etc. etc. until it builds up). But yeah, battles need touched-up on, which I may need peoples input on. ^^;

The maps will take quite a bit of time to fix up though, as some I have no idea how I'm even going to, nor what tilesets to use (Human Village in particular is the one suffering from this, and why it hasn't been updated at all yet). If you do plan on playing more of this, do let me know if any other bugs pop up or what your thoughts are on areas and whatnot!

(And why yes, the story is a bit confusing at first. I actually INTENTIONALLY made it that way. There's a good reason for it, but I COULD probably trim down on it to make it a bit less confusing).

Oracle of Tao Review

Yeah...I kinda had that happen to me too. Wasn't expecting it for some reason. Then died. ^^;;

Oracle of Tao Review

Oh...maybe I skipped that then because I don't even recall them lol. I'll admit I did NOT speak to everyone at all, mostly because I just wanted out of that first town due to how big it was (and wanted to move on with the game). ^^;

Oracle of Tao Review

You mean the rats??? I don't even recall them ever inflicting Paralyze on me or using Paralysis o_O;;

Maybe I was just lucky? ^^;
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