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[RMMV] Quick Tileset Adjusting and/or Tileset Finding!

So, I found some tilesets that I'd like to use. However...I have no idea how to actually get these to work with any proper tilesets. These are from whtdragon.

I was trying to get these merged together with the default RPG Maker MV Dungeon tileset to use for a Sea Cove/Sea Floor/Atlantis level (the Atlantis one might need more done with it). If anyone is able to help edit this for me, I'd highly appreciate it. Or, if anyone has anything that would help for these particular dungeons, I'd also appreciate it. I figured these tilesets might be enough?

For those wondering and perhaps have good resources to use for these, I am trying to get tilesets for these particular dungeons:

Sea Cove/Sea Floor (see above)
Atlantis (it'll be in ruins, but don't know if the above could work with that or not?? It's not entirely underwater, there's ruin parts you go inside that isn't submerged)
Hell (Not sure if I have the right tileset for this??)
Castle (something that's a bit...fancy? I have one that may work with it that's using a mansion tileset, but dunno if that'd work for inside a castle too?)

Those are the main ones. There's a couple OTHER areas, but those require more knowledge about the project I'm working on to be able to really talk about those.

Again, any help is much appreciated! ^^

[RMMV] Xenomic's Question Thread!

This thread will just be for whenever I need to ask a question. I hope that is fine to just have a single thread for that? ^^;;

So, as per the usual, I wanted to have in-battle portraits. Otherwise, it just wouldn't feel right to me. So I did a little digging around, and found a couple plugins. One by Mr. Trivel, another by Michael Dionne. The first one by Mr. Trivel seems good, but hides the face too much:

The second is good, but it has...glaring issues.

This being entering the battle, whereas it...apparently doesn't work correctly with the 4th party member?

And then this when you pick a skill that would target your own party, such as a single target heal, where the window kinda...bugs??

So, two questions:

1) Which of these two looks nicer, and which is easier to fix up? I think the second one looks nicer as you can see the portraits clearer than in the first, and the window seems nice to have as well?? But how to fix it so it's not that...buggy??

2) Are there any other nice looking (and working) in-battle portrait plugins that'd be good to use??

Appreciate the help!! And apologize if I ask a lot of questions!!

(P.S. Don't mind the giant Fauna enemy sprite...that's a happy little accident lol)

RPG Maker MV or MZ?? Or latest? Best to use?

So, since I've been thinking of making a new game (it's yet another fangame, this time a Hololive fangame, for those curious), and am not sure which engine I want to go with. I don't think I want to go with 2k3 again, even though it's what I know, but I also know that the price of MV/MZ are pretty high (about $70-100 on Steam, I missed the sales on those sadly...). Are those best to go with or...??

[RM2K3] PS4 Controller not working with RPG Maker 2k3

Wow, hi. Been years since I last spoke here, hasn't it? So, I was actually going to stream my game, Touhou Fantasy, for the first time in 5-6 years after its release, since I never actually got a full playthrough on my YouTube channel, and was going to play with my PS4 controller (originally had a PS2 controller when I was making the game and all that). However, it appears that the PS4 controller doesn't work at all?? This is paired up using DS4Windows, and I know it works on everything else (Steam, other THINGS, etc.), so I figured it was a 2K3 issue. Is there any way around this at all by any chance?? Or am I doomed to have to use keyboard for this (which would probably get very loud in the mic lol...)??

Any help would be appreciated, since been meaning to do this for a loooong time now.

Xenomic Streams!

That's right, I'm finally streaming again after 3-4 years of not streaming! This may be an everyday thing too!

Current: https://www.twitch.tv/masterxenomic
Old: https://www.twitch.tv/shinxenomic

For tonight, it's going to be starting with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, then going to go into my own game, Touhou Fantasy, for the rest of the night. May last until 11 PM. Look forward to seeing any of ya'll there!

[RM2K3] Booting games in Windowed mode?

So, what's the best way of booting a game up in 2K3? Normally, it'd be using "NormalPlay" "ShowTitlte" "Window" at the end of the Target in the Properties of the Shortcut of RPG_RT.exe, right?? Or is it written in a different way or...? Also, does DynRPG force the game to start in fullscreen even if that's in there??

Brainstorming new game!! Possibly...

If this is in the wrong section or whatever, I apologize as it's been a loooong time since I've made a topic. ^^;;

So, I've been thinking of how to make another game, this time JUST with my own OCs from the previous game. No fangame, no references to other games, just an actual, original game with just them. I've been working on a skilset for these characters (which I will share below in spoilers), but I've been having a hard time with a few other things.

I've been debating at which point in the story for this to take place. Now, you may say "It should be from the very beginning, no?", to which I answer, that WOULD be good...except the problem there is how the story works for my characters. The "first war" of which that game could take place in isn't exactly easy to write for (the main protag dies early on in that war, so it wouldn't even give much time to get attached to her, or really, any of the characters for that matter), and any "wars" after that wouldn't matter until the one where the main protag actually is the victor. The problem there is that she would be the only playable character in that game. Now, why is THAT a problem? Because she's a pacifist and doesn't like to fight (that...and her skillset by default has like...one offensive ability in it. The rest are all healing and support skills as you'll see below). Doesn't exactly work well with a RPG-styled game (sure, Undertale did this, but I don't want to copy that per say). If I were to do it AFTER the "war" where the main protag wins, then all of the OCs would be playable that I'd want...but then it'd be like a chunk of the story is missing, and you wouldn't know who any of them are and all that.

The next issue I'm having is coming up with a battle system. I'm thinking of reusing my old battle system from Touhou Fantasy, but refined (as in, the skill books won't be awful to use. You won't go into the menu EVERY TIME you want to use to try and learn a skill. Also, since there's a maximum of maybe 10 characters, won't be as bad as Touhou Fantasy, which had like 20-28 characters in it...). I WOULD like to make it similar to Genius of Sapphieros, where you can apply points towards skills to power them up, learn passives, or learn new abilities. In my case, I had the idea of making it so you can use these points to upgrade skills (for example, Hope's standard heal would either heal more HP, become AoE, cost less MP, give Regen to the party, etc.). However, I know that 2k3 isn't going to allow this without heavy modifications, and I don't know the other engines at all.

Which brings me to the next issue, the engine. As mentioned, I DON'T know any of the other engines at all, meaning I'd have to probably spend a decent amount of time learning them from scratch just to do anything I'd like. And this is assuming I can get them for free (which good luck with the much recent ones??). 2K3 I'm of course very familiar with, but I also know that it's got a lot of limitations on it...and without DynRPG, which I planned on using again, I couldn't do what I'd want at all.

Now, the skillsets! This does show who all would be playable (bar the optional characters), but eh! It's a draft so yeah...

Hope (Class: Cleric/Seer. Basically, the healer/buffer of the party. Only has one offensive move, and it's only really good against Dark/Undead enemies. Otherwise, it's weak. Hope is the main protagonist, and is the pacifist I was referring to, which makes making anything revolving around her hard without party members...):

*Sunrise: Inflicts Light/elemental damage to one target. Deals more damage to those with higher darkness values. Deals massive damage to undeads.

*Soothing Light: Restores HP to one ally.
*Lifeline: Restores HP to all allies in range.
*Life Aura: Gradually restores HP to all allies in range.
*Mana Spring: Restores MP to one ally.
*Revitalize: Revives one ally from KO/Death.
*Stalwart Remedy: Cures status debuffs on one ally.
*Therapy: Increases resistance/nullifies mind-altering effects (Confusion/Charm/Berserk/etc.).

*Barrier: Reduces physical damage taken.
*Forcefield: Reduces magic damage taken.
*Aegis: Reduces all damage taken.
*Mana Shield: Grants HP Barrier to one ally.
*Mana Wall: Grants HP Barrier to the party.
*Second Chance: Automatically revives KO'd ally upon death.

*Blackened Soul: Increases darkness within one target.
*Divine Soul: Increases light within one target.
**Lost Paradise: Cures all debuffs to the party (including Instant Death), restores HP/MP, and grants Reraise.
**Grand Dream: Gradually restores HP/MP to the party, reduces all damage taken by 50%, and buffs the party's stats by 100%.

Fate (Class: Elementalist/Oracle. Basically, your standard Black Mage, with ways to buff your party's elemental resists as well as debuff the enemies elemental resists. In addition, would have the Predict moveset, which is a random chance of...things. So I guess you can also call it the Gambler's Slots abilities?):


*Mercurial Sphere: Inflicts Fire-elemental damage and reduces Fire-elemental resistance to one target.
*Nova Storm: Inflicts Fire-elemental damage to all targets.
*Groundburst: Inflicts Earth-elemental damage and reduces Earth-elemental resistance to one target.
*Earthshaker: Inflicts Earth-elemental damage to all enemies.
*Sonic Slicer: Inflicts Wind-elemental damage and reduces Wind-elemental resistance to one target.
*Furious Tempest: Inflicts Wind-elemental damage to all enemies.
*Bubble Curtain: Inflicts Water-elemental damage and reduces Water-elemental resistance to one enemy.
*Blue Sea: Inflicts Water-elemental damage to all targets.
**Elemental Wheel: Inflicts Fire/Earth/Wind/Water/Light/Dark-elemental damage and reduces Fire/Earth/Wind/Water/Light/Dark-elemental resistance to all enemies.
**Genesis Light: Reduces all elemental resists to all enemies by 50% and boost all elemental resists to the party by 50%.

*Searing Veil: Increase resistance/nullifies Fire-elemental damage.
*Gaiaveil: Increase resistance/nullifies Earth-elemental damage.
*Stormveil: Increase resistance/nullifies Wind-elemental damage.
*Hydroveil: Increases resistance/nullifies Water-elemental damage.
*Starlight Veil: Increases resistance/nullifies Light-elemental damage.
*Reaper Veil: Increase resistance/nullifies Dark-elemental damage.
*Rainbow Veil: Increases resistance/nullifies Fire/Earth/Wind/Water/Light/Dark-elemental damage.

*Divine Scrambler: Reduces Light-elemental resistance to one enemy.
*Chaos Scrambler: Reduces Dark-elemental resistance to one enemy.

*Mind Reader: See target's parameters, items, etc.
*Clairvoyance: 100% Evasion on next attack for Fate, % Evasion increase for other party members.
*Predict: Use random ability.

(On backburner/possibile list)

*Plutian Spikes: Inflicts Ice-elemental damage to one target.
*Arctic Wail: Inflicts Ice-elemental damage to all targets.
*Gravity Wheel: Inflicts Gravity-elemental damage to all targets.
*Cryoveil: Increase resistance/nullifies Ice-elemental damage.
*Magnetveil: Increase resistance/nullifies Lightning-elemental damage.
*Venom Veil: Increase resistance/nullifies Poison-elemental damage.
*Molecular Veil: Increase resistance/nullifies Gravity-elemental damage.

Chaos (Class: Berserker/Arcanist. Your pure physical DPS melee user, who has access to some non-elemental spells (might also have some elemental abilities too). Can act as a tank as well, but as a different role than Death, being a Provoke/Counter tank):

*Cosmic Emblem: Uses a flurry of punches to assault one enemy, dealing knockback to target. Can possibly seal abilities.
*Black Hole
*Delta Twilight

Gloom (Class: Puppetmaster/Illusionist. A ranged fighter that deals with emotions. Honestly, really hard to come up with ANYTHING for her, as she's the least developed of the OCs):

*Apathy: Can force target to not take any actions.
*Grudge: Chosen target takes damage equal to damage user is inflicted with.
*Cowardice: Inflicts Terror to one target.
**Soul Sphere: Allows for continuous usage of abilities for the rest of the party at no costs.
**Soul Thread: Allows for usage of a "clone" of target, stats of clone varying on power of Soul Thread.

Pestilence (Class: Ark Knight/Dancer/Songstress. A physical unit that deals with negative statuses, but can use party-wide buffs/debuffs/etc. when equipped with an instrument instead of a spear):

*Feather Maelstrom:
*Raven's Caw:
*Seven Sins:
*Banescissor: Inflicts non-elemental physical damage and a status effect (Poison, Venom, Toxify, etc.)
*Heartbreak: Inflicts non-elemental physical damage and a status effect (Apathy, Confusion, etc.)
*Nightmare: Inflicts a status effect (Terror, stat debuffs, etc.).
*Irradiate: Inflicts a status effect (Burn, etc.).
*Pox Alleviate: Heals target based on types and numbers of buffs/debuffs on them. May or may not remove them.
*Pox Detonate: Inflicts damage on target based on types and number of debuffs on them. May or may not remove them.

Death (Class: Time Mage/Necromancer. A physical unit that acts as a Cover tank, soaking up the damage for the rest of the party. Has access to HP/MP% abilities, as well as Instant Death and revival (though not as powerful as Hope's).):

*Burial: Attacks with a powerful overhead slash to slam target into the ground.
*Cerberus: Attacks with three slices from the scythe.
*Purgatory: Attacks by surrounding target in darkness, then attacks with a powerful slice from the scythe.
*Fallen Angel:
*Unholy War: Attacks multiple times with scythe, ending with an upward slash.

*Astral Stream: Inflicts Dark/Void-elemental damage to all targets in front of user with a stream of darkness.
*Abyss Gate: Inflicts Dark/Void-elemental damage to one enemy.
*Lifeslicer: Halves a target's HP.
*Manaslicer: Damages/halves a target's MP.
*Manabreak: Inflicts damage to target based on target's MP.
*All or Nothing: Attempts to inflict Instant Death to one target.
*Timeflow: Slows down time to all enemies.
*Life Pulse: Revives one KO'd target.
*Soulbind: Revives one KO'd target. Stronger than Life Pulse.
*Soul Fortification: Increases resistance/nullifies Instant Death effects.
*Looming Guardian: Increases Defense parameters to one ally.
*Bloodthirst: Adds Drain HP/Absorb HP effect to ally's attacks.
*Last Resort: Grants buffs to user, but also inflicts Doom/Slow Death/etc.
**Apocalypse: Inflicts heavy damage to all enemies.

Order (Class: Sage. Your main heavy magic nuker. Generally deals with Light/Dark magic, but can use other elements. Unlike Fate who primarily deals more with groups, Order is more about nuking single targets with her powerful magic. In addition, she has access to strong support skills, but they usually come with some stipulation or heavy cost as a side effect of using them or being used):

*Starlight Sanctuary:
*Lost Gospel:
*Heavenly Axis:
*Retribution: Inflicts heavy Light/Holy-elemental damage to one target.
*Voidgate: Inflicts heavy Dark/Void-elemental damage to one target.

*Angel Feathers:
*Cherub Feathers:
*Holy Spirit:
*Evangelion: Fully heals all HP and removes all buffs/debuffs from one ally, but reduces their MP to 0.
*Destroyer: Increases all parameters of one ally.
*Lifeshield: While defending, slowly regain HP.
*Manashield: While defending, slowly regain MP.
*Elementshield: While defending, reduces damage from all elemental attacks.
*Voidshield: While defending, nullifies all damage.
*Divine Shield:
**Salvation: Inflicts heavy Light/Mystic/Holy-elemental damage and nullifies all buffs to all enemies while removing all debuffs from party.

So, any opinions on this? Anything that you guys think can be done with what I have atm? Or anything you can throw in regards to ideas on skillsets or the like? I'd like to hear from any of you! ^^;

[RM2K3] Stat Boosting equipment

So, I've tried this in the past, to some success and some failure, and then just dumped the idea altogether. However, I am thinking of revisiting this idea, and would like to know what the best way of handling this is? Originally, I tried to do % increase/decrease (HP +10%, MP +5%, Magic +10%, etc.), and while it seemed to work for some stats, for others it seemed like it completely broke them (either by reducing the stat to 1 or by increasing it to max). I am also unsure if this would happen or not with flat increases. Reason I am asking this is I may try to do statuses such as FFXII's Bubble (but not as ridiculously powerful as that) or equipment with stat bonuses (for example, Green Beret with like HP +25% or something, to make it NOT suck and be useless!).

Risks, Rewards, RNG: Opinions Needed!

So, I wish to discuss something here, and would like to get some opinions on the matter. What is everyone's opinion on the following two things?

*There is an attack that hits very hard (at level 1, does 2000 Mystic-elemental damage to all enemies, at max level roughly 5000) but has 60% accuracy.
*There is a weapon that gives the user 4x Attack, but has -50 Speed and 60% accuracy. Combined with an Auto-Berserk accessory, it can give roughly 3x normal damage, but due to 60% accuracy + accuracy loss from Berserk, hits don't hit as much. Plus it's Dark-elemental, which is the most commonly resisted element.
*Abilities that are completely RNG unless completely prevented. For instance, Deathga or Level 5 Death, which has a chance of just game overing the player if they're unlucky, unless they have outright immunity or high resist to Instant Death.

Do you think that such things should exist in games at all? Or do you think they should be done away with and not used? I know that everyone has their own playstyle, and some would rather something like this not exist, either it being overpowered 90% of the time but useless 10% due to specific circumstances, or because of RNG, or whatever else.

Image Sorting on Game Profile Pages

Maybe I'm just missing this, or maybe it's not there, but is there a way to make it so we can move images around on game profile pages? For example, you can normally only see 4 images at a time on a profile page, but I was wanting to have a specific set of images be there for the time being. However, I cannot move the images around at all so can't do that. Don't know if the software this site uses allows for it or not, but thought I'd see if it would be possible to implement at all???