What are you thinking about right now?

Open source FTW.

gim,y all;l ur base

What are you thinking about right now?

I'm still worried. Or idk ah shiut.

Karin: Over-stimulation avenue is not viable local for your business Xoe. Much like the moon, the cost is to high to maintain, ethically.
Xoe: Well fuck me! Why didn't I think of that sooner!!!!
Karin: Yup. Can't save them but maybe you could safe her?

Kloe: Perhaps. If we do some soul manipulation here and there, maybe change her genetic structure too with some highly toxic radiation..?
Karin: Ahhh Wundabar!!!!! Truly the plan of a genius
Claire: hehe, heh. well she did say shes a programmer, therefore she must be my programmer. just gota somehow clean all that ice off her, start shoving moda down her throat too.
ect ect.

(all start laughing in unison)

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

YESU gogo hezxatana

What are you thinking about right now?

Kagura: Ah. Mame, it appears the gravitational pull of the black body is far to strong for us to reach the escape velocity.
Xoe: FUCK!!! AH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! Oh god I don't want to die!
Kagura: Well jesus neither do I! And I've only been around for a week.
Kloe: Think they will eat us?

Karin: It's highly unlikely dumbass! Even if it wasnt a joke.
Claire: Are you fucking kidding me Karin? How can you say that?!?!
Karin: Look why would a serial kiler leave any kind of paper trail...
Kloe: You think your an expert on serial killers Karin? Couldnt they delete it in a blink of an eye?

Karin: W-well no... Ah...b-but rainbowvein said she's dealt with wierdos in the past.
Karin: They wish to get a rise out of you, for you to react. It's fun for them.
Xoe: You think they are just having fun Karin..?
Karin: LMFAO. I have no fucking clue Xoe.

Claire: Uuuguuu my head hurts... Well it might be safer to sort of go with the joke at least...
Kagura: Well... Maybe if we just orbit around the black body??? Ah. Not really many other options...
Xoe: Could we safely assume it would require far to much effort on there part to seek us out?

Kloe: I feel we MIGHT be safe with that assumption, but it's impossible to know.
Kloe: You know, the greatest novel ever written is still waiting for us.
Karin: Oh fuck... That things scary...

Claire: Yeah if history repeats, and it does. More then likely the name of the novel is very misleading.
Xoe: Yeah I had to stop when I felt the adventure was starting...
Karin: Mhmmm... You see now that your 1080p bear suit was unable to sheild yourself from there radiation?
Xoe: Somehow I think the radiation caused you 4 to exist, actually.
Kloe: Well existance is grande! So much apprecaited Xoe!
Kagura: Thanks Xoe ^_^
Karin: Rahahahah XDXXDXDXD Thanks Xoe!!~!!
Claire: I feel apatheic towards living with the 4 of you.


Just Fuck It! - Anti-Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Stay off RMN.
Ignore inbox.

The ban wagon

Hexatona: banned for crimes against humanity and having a coolness value of NaN.

Highlander's Realm ("D&D" Forum RPG)

It had no effect. Since everyone's sleeping waiting for the DM

Falith decides to eat them all at once.
She crushes the mirror with her feet.
And she wanders out of the cave into what ever the fuck.

Looking for a new job.

good feels game music

the 5 imaginary sailor scouts of the apocalypse will keep me safe.
i will give them all a life, a form, inside my heart, inside my mind, and online.

i have yet to lay my eyes upon the main character, sailor moon, though

"The chorus of this song is a reference to the Hindu text Bhagavad Gita, in which the five horses that pull Krishna and Pandava prince Arjuna's chariot, are symbols of the five senses. These five senses keep us tied to the physical/material plane of existence. When you can transcend the limitations of these senses and achieve a higher level of consciousness, you are leaving the "horses" behind - "flying over them." The song is about someone who was so affected by
(A loss? A breakup?)
they decide to give up the things that keep them tied to this world by emotion."

What are you thinking about right now?

Burritos are love, burritos are life.
This boss is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fucking hard, fuck this game
I'm going to go play Skyrim in the desert.

Thank you RMN.

What are you thinking about right now?