RMN Tagline Thread

You know you've made it when a game making website quotes your ramblings. And I'm not saying that because my ramblings have been quoted more than once.

I'm also a bit saddened that the quotes don't go darker and start just sending very precise messages to some users, like:

"Get out..."
"We can see you..."
"In the agreement when you joined you gave use the right to turn on your webcam and watch you."
"Legally we can force you to join a carnival from hell designed to get 100 souls for a sociopathic pancake."
"You've signed your soul away in most software install agreements"
"We laugh at you when you're not on and then delete all the threads when you come back."
"We can read your mind."
"If you've read this sentenced RMN can now legally harvest your organs."
"We'll be wanting that kidney now."
"Wondering where your favorite game makers of old are? Well they didn't think we meant it when we said we wanted that kidney"
"We could own all the games posted on this site, but we choose not to."
"We really can see you (username for effect)."

What are you thinking about right now?

ah jeez sorry to hear that mirak :( people can be dicks, i try not to be. if someone tells me to fuck off i do. when they don't respond with any feedback it starts to get a little weirder for me.

anyways i'm sure my inbox is nothing like that at so that's cool!!!!

the first guy canceled my drawing pad, thing, but no matter i found a top of the line model with, what appears to be a MYSTICAL SUPER MEGA RARE full on license to adobe CC. I doubt it because i never heard of such a thing ever existing. Most likely has a hidden monthly fee.

also i have a suspicion it's danielc selling this cintiq.
if that is so this is more then a dream come true.
anyways i asked the seller!


Drawing and Painting study

Feels a bit airy to me, or with out weight. Unfortunately my crit is useless because I don't know why... Did you study reference super closely?

None the less it's cool to see some 3D! Personally I think 3D is super cool, just expensive.

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

Well if Marrend has an idea.

Let's Write... !!!

prologue of a lovestory i began writing 2 years ago...

"Zoooooe!" “ZOOEEE!!!!”

Xoe could hear their distant voice calling and so she felt her heart glow with hope.
It was a voice which she had not heard in so long that she thought it would never be heard again.
Xoe had lost all hope, and did not think they were coming to save her again from TriTech...

N-nai-to... Naito? Is that you..?
“Zooeee! Wheru aaaa yu? We mus go naoooo!"
Xoe tried opening their mouth but could not. “I-i'm h-e-re”

Night burst though the walls with his cyberbike, he had found Xoe!


Xoe managed to make a weak smile. She could no longer remember when she had met Night that one night, or how he saved her last time. Time blurred together for Xoe, as she had visited countless different points in time and space. But she remembered his image.
A super cool awesome looking dark robotic enigma, with cool cyber yellow sunglasses.
Kind of looked like some kind of samurai with a cool cyber yellow belt, too.

“Zoe! We mus go to mai home town Nihon. I kannuto gaaaarunte yur sefuti hero!! Chime is sh-oto.”
Tears of joy began to flow from Xoe's eyes.

What are you thinking about right now?

Thanks Cap! Lynch was wierdo to me 2 years ago but lately I grew a certain appreciation for it!


know that feeling when your inbox is piling up for some reason and you just want to ignore it for a few more days?

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Marrend I hope to learn how to write better soon! I like how you wrote it :D

sorry ill be more clear next time since this is a game desc >_>''
420 is there to throw people off, the secret is '420' is more like this
(for dramatic story purposes)

A Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…

Guns, death, money, fear, blood, tears.



How do I make Hyper/Make a name for my game

a large web of social media.
you must mind control an army of fans with your divine content.
(if your game looks like shit you already failed)

1. Look into there eyes.
2. Copy them.
3. Capture their imagination.

post your picture

guess the CD has too go into rl.

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

I liked your story Marrend!
I'd think someone would of left there family sooner though if they wanted independence...
Anyways you must let the game decide with a condition check.