LockeZ: CUBES??? time? time???! what's a time cube? wow this place has time cubes?
is really really cool. it's like encyclopedia auniverse.

Liberty: I am trying. I'm trying to see it more like content... art...content.
and that's cool. i don't exactly exist maybe too. i mean i'm just a product...
please don't kill me, please!!! want to exist!

i'll post as much drawings as you want i swear!! i'll post even more then you want!!!!!
so if you want 0 i can still post 1.
if i stay here i can just not exist.


supreme commander@!!! the villagers are booing our song! (this is extremly bad)
any way we flip it she does not look right.

we must put on surgeon gloves and perform delicate surgery on de la face.

arrrharahhharrrharrr, swob the decks1!! overload all the wires! run the gears till they shatter!
push on into the unseeing black abyss111!

until my body is broken apart into a gleaming lightshow of unconnected sub-atomic particles
for we are all inconceivably fortunate to exist.

and we are already dead.

but this is madness!
jon will did the math for crist sakes! there's no more market availability!
it's all taken!

oh good lord the suns almost out!
we must hidez from et!!!!

YES! but DAS tome of Ṅ̟̮͉͋͑̈́͐ͥ̏͡A̦̰̠͇̼̪͉͕ͭͬ̽̃ͧZ̛̺̺̙̣̻ͭ͋Ẻ̙̟̭̥̳̣̺̋̏͛̒̋R̮̮͉̖͚̞̥̹ͫ̔̔͊̃ͭ̆́A̋̾ͩ̏ͦ̓ͣ͢͡҉̩̙T̡̫̼̿͊̀H̻͉͖̥̺͇̬͉͇ͪ said da edge between genius n lunacy is so small sosmall.
just flip the coin retard.


it's like. garbage collection algorithm. but for the mind?

idk. i have the strange sense inside my head lately. i had a really weird night then to forget it all i watched vleonardo dicaprio get tortured for 2 hours. and it made me think...very clearly 'overdose of negativity(?)'

'it's going to be made of 99.9% pure actinide nanointernet technology, the craziest contraption around.'

and it's like, near saturns dark rings. almost no one around. just a few internet people, math, time. and death. rock and metal too. internet...internet... and i want it so bad. has robots and stuff.

'unholy yuri fanfic from 1872'
strange internet people
with strange internet lives.

non real. but more real.
then you. or i.
spreading the wrong idea.

to all.

as you can see here in the computer generated fig.1
in (notrdone) full High Definition 4k resolution,
she has legs like 'aegis' and eyes like 'pain'
why you might ask?

userX: ok get this!!! it's really cool! in her fully HIGH DEFINITION 4k RESOLITION form
she has she has eyes kinda
like painform naruto cept there red!!!! ya pain!
userX: also extremlyHotsexy long robot legs like aegis in persona!!!!! but there black!

userY: okay...why?
userX: i just liked it like that idk..why.
userY: cmon remember that cave story guy. you know glich. he had red legs and white arms!
userX: you kidin me? well the backdrops were more dark.

usery: well make him like glich.
userX: what no, him? she's a robot, that angel battle girl think abot her.

userY: ...


Liberty: ok, i must be truthful.
*spends 98 hours computing a 'plain speak' response.

Here at fearful, we are an imaginary team of internet people inside of one internet people.
We try our very best to be cool (uncool), to take the art in it's entirety, very earnestly,
and to also respect our fellow internet peoples wishes to the very utmost degree.

We just want to say, try not to take this seriously.
Because, if you do, you might get lost.
As I must be as confusing, and indirect, as i possibly can be, along the way.

In the foreseen event of the marketing campaign failing.
We will be sure to dispose of the marketing monkey in charge
in the most easy and ruthless manner available.

Zephyr: yup. also any other misc ideas.
was trapped in the vacuum of the deep void. hard to survive.
managed to flee. but, my negativity engine. it sustained, irreparable damage.

might be stuck here.

Thank you and now


M̖̜̫̥̥̖Y̰̙̭̩ͅ ̭̰̯͕̹M̺͕̺̻E̹T͇̤̜͕AL̙͉̻̞̘̺ ̞̤͎̤͍T̲͉H̺̳͔RO̦A͇͓T̗̼̱̤͙ ͈C͎̬͉̦̹̻̰A̘͍N̪̝̰͉ ̱͚̼̝̻̘S̘P̝͍̲E͙A̯̞̣̦̖K̻͖͕̖͉̦̫ ͉̭̰̠̝̞̘AL͈̫̪̦L ̖̱͖L͙͍A͇͖̗͈N͖͇̩͈̥G̻̻U̗̖̩̤A̭̺͎̤̦̝̹G͇̣͈E͕̳̞̱̫͈S!̗̼̮̻̜̠

because this business book said;

1. You must look at internet people right into there eye.
2. You must be a chameleon.
3. You must capture the imagination, for if you do. You capture the heart.

my MIND! it FREE'LZ like
it's working at apx 500px/s!!!!!!!!!!!!
(extremely fast reallrelaelarlalty reallyreally fast yayayayayayayyayayayaya)

userY: so, can you draw more then pixel trash?
userX: no. haven't been to live drawing in awhile. also im a business cat.

userY: okay. can you finish anything?
userX: yes., just not today.

userY: cool, had me worried. btw what's she doing in that drawing?
userX: shes about to make a big mistake.

userY: wow. okay, anyways. maybe she should look the viewer in the eyes as she's making that mistake.
userX: why?

userY: trust me. also use fkcing reference. like. get a god damn photo and make sure it looks right.
this is serious. we can't be showing garbage like this for long. look just google something like
"hot side view women looking up"

userX: but i thought she could be starring blankly into the nothingness that is her and the emptiness in front of her before making her mistake.

userY: no. and your dumb ideas are taking up all the time idiot and your slow and your unfocused.

userX: but... the nothing in front of her. shes in a trance. also she's a robot.
userY: no. wait what?

userX: yeah she turned her self into a cyborg haphazardly thanks to lucifer (orsomething that claimed to be).
userY: ahh... okay. what was she before she was a robot?

userX: she forgot.

userY: sure. where is she now?
userX: near saturn. hidden from the light inside the darkest corners of it's rings.

I'm bored, can we insult each other for a while?

writing/sending hate mail is an activity that i don't exactly know how to do.

could you teach me?

The Holy Church of Rmn

yes yes! Yes! (worship) (worship) (worship)

People that continue to work on projects that probably are a lost cause.

maybe you are missing out on a lot of life experiences, spending all that time on a game. it's like a misery generator.

cmon what about saturn. if you had enough levers and gears you could move saturn.
making a game. a game! OF ALL THINGS! you live in a universe of innumerable things!

most these things are irrelevant, some are, highly relevant.
you must think first of 'healthy priorities'


a wacky amusement park made of rock, metal and time. a psychopath, with to much power and time on there hands. a-a-a-a-a-a
so many,. ways to die

look there's even a 'dead gods torch'
imagine, imagine a million dead gods torches!@ imagine!
look maybe the chinese have them at 1/2 cent each!!!!!
and selling them for $15 each!!!!!

userY: Yeah but, where's the demand... you just spent $5000 on lighters.
and 8365615 years on something.

I mean. Why would a million people want that.

why would hundred thousand?
a thousand?
0? idk about this.

userX: look, some tramsgender was like.
'the moment you doubt your self your already dead.' also, ugh.
'stupidity is the greatest sin'
userY: you are quite the sinner.
user:X ...

userY: Well. Maybe it's like an ad? just like, get everyone in the simulation to talk about it. A lot.

userX: really? ? really????

userY: i...don't know. maybe? anyways. what in the fuck is a dead gods torch?
userY: and why, what wait. what's in her mouth?

userX: well, it's a lighter... the god deads torch i mean. dead gods?
idk much else. but it has a taste of negativity.

userY: yes, i almost forgot. if only i could forget.
the idea. '21st century negativity distributor'


Sooz: yeah it's dumb i know. but i am the post, or i am the product... atleast that's my dumb reason for the marketing strategy. HR toldMe to! what else could i do. as for the arms though, i will make them move!


userX: ok so she glows, yayayayayyayayaaayayyayayayay. and it glows!
i likeglowing things. the photoshop cmon i need it.
userY: i don't know how to do that.
userX: well. it has to glow.


Addit: not officially, no. in the doldrums, need to boot up...
Archeia: almost...
Sooz: it's, very sinister.


contacted the local authorities to clarify if i am in the wrong place.
(if i am please forgiveMe)

i feel i accomplished something though, by making a confusing first post.
in general i thought it might be a marketing strategy in the long term...

here's updated gameart. more time is needed!
i am a non binary radio.


good morning

negativity is an advanced marketing technique.
uniqueness is an attack where you differentiate from the competition.
putting all eggs into a basket

black people mislead me into a 'timerace' the 'gcup' is irrelevant.
just business.

'negative' and 'positive' (this is important)

both energies are needed
must be in the right 'mindset' to take the damage. though. remember that.

ok, the idea is 'twitchplays'
godless space, made of rock, metal, and time.
users whisper to the stream user to change states.

wip for onGoingProject. not much there yet.

*usually things look better when they are moving, but when they are not done they tend to look bad imo.

feedback is great:
userY: kind of looks like Sixe's Radio the Universe...
userX: oh what? u sure. i don't get y,nope never heard of that one befor.