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She looks like some kind of shaman to me and I think the added layering of detail on her face interesting.

RMN Tagline Thread

I liked these the most.

"If you are a sadist, game design is a good hobby! You can spend your free time making people who are trying to have fun encounter frustration and fail repeatedly!"

(You know I realized this long ago)

"If your unhappiness makes for a better game then you have a moral duty to become miserable."

(My thoughts, especially if it's for the greater good '2ppl' as i am all utilitarian blah blah)

"Please excuse me, my brain interpreted your post as a boss fight"

(Have I ever been a boss I wonder...)

What are you thinking about right now?

I have not seen to many but I enjoyed The Elephant Man

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

Hmmmm how's about you? XD I shale make one at least :P

Sooz Arts aww yiss

happy cuyo~

What are you thinking about right now?

how do you like the dark side pianoTM?

What are you thinking about right now?

markov chain word generator

post your picture

Outfit, hm hey not bad I guess. Idk really.
But i have a time watch
And an all seeing eye
And two wrist thingies.
And a data lizard.
And Donkey Kong (n/a in image)
And a Yoshi wallet thing for inside of a purse.

Let's just cover me with dumb things.

No underwear of course.
missing necklace.earrings. idk i feel the look has some
persona. but needs to level up... hat wasnt pushed down wnough ughf

anyways i feel comfortable in this

RMN Tagline Thread

"Welcome to RMN there is no exit, enjoy the complimentary lulz and have a nice day."

What are you thinking about right now?

Have no fear, I shale just make a leap of faith, if you may. Seems like I can't continue the game otherwise, hmmmmmmmm