Write one paragraph of really bad erotic fanfiction about the person above you and a video game character

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"O-oh..." The Toad is now in a coma.

Xoe blushes really hard, it's the perfect oppertune time.
"Kloe? Hey Kloe want to have some fun with me?"
"Hmm..." Kloe thinks to her self. "No! I don't want to make Harold sad! So no!!!"
"Nono Kloe, it's okay" says Harold sitting on a chair. "I'll watch."

Kloe blushes really hard "ahhh????? oh- ugh mhmm... ah."
Xoe locks the door so no one else ruins Xoe's chance.

"Let's have some fun with unconscious Toad Kloe!" She begins to grind her body against the now in a Coma Toad. Moans escape from her mouth and sweat beads on her body.

Kloe looks back at Harold, then at the strange scene.


"Oh you make me feel so good Toad." says Xoe riding on Toad's unconscious body.
Toad's really out of it, Mario really did a number on him. Xoe does a wide variety of activities with unconscious Toad.
Kloe joins in. Harold watches.

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I'd DL it, I'm an audiophile



When do you consider yourself "good" at something?

You should never consider yourself good at anything, unless you're in a job interview. Then you should recognize that you are a true master of your craft.


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[Poll] New Languages

This book makes learning Kanji way to fucking easy

What are you thinking about right now?


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Millinery Catfish the Anime of the Movie Adaptation of the Video Game based on the lude Yuri Doushinji Inspired by the WWE

When do you consider yourself "good" at something?

you choose for your self what good means.
just use your eyes, and you will know...

i feel the idea of what 'good' means, will always be imaginary since you can't possibly not see the flaws in your own work.

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