What are you thinking about right now?

Cuyo are basically cows. Hamsters are flawed.
Rats ftw.

What are you thinking about right now?

Self insert from 2007, what are you doing these days?
Well you see I wear hats first and formost since the hat was a big deal, see?

Ah yes. Anything else to say?
I remember drawing you very clearly. I was at my uncles visiting from another city for Xmas. To pass the time I was drawing.

I remember distinctly feeling that I drew someone that was 'inside' me. Someone that does not exist, something more real then me. That no one would see.

When asked what I drew, as I was very happy with what I drew I said
"I don't know"

oh, okay well. I'm kinda busy, so...

RMNverse Arcade

Miadd Wears Hats: The Video Game

Highlander's Realm ("D&D" Forum RPG)

Agaisnt better judgement, and her instructions. Falith decides to eat half of a gummi, and looks into a mirror.

enters an electric dream

RMNverse Arcade

Super Spice Funtime Adventure Rack
Spice Rack and Hyme
Breast Summer Ever
Milky Trigger
Le Chapeau Blanc

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Take your time Marrend ^_^""
I'm open to feedback blah blah

Write one paragraph of really bad erotic fanfiction about the person above you and a video game character

Harold and Kloe were walking home from a nice date. It was that wonderful time of day, when thr sun is behind the horizon. Twilight.
The moon was behind some thick clouds.
Harold looked over at Kloe and saw her smiling, she seemed happy. Harold smiled.

and then.

RMNverse Arcade

World War Zero


I have feeling it's called gorilla journalism.... i misinterpreted my own magic...
im not complaining

Highlander's Realm ("D&D" Forum RPG)

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