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not much selection Mirak... maybe it's possible to import a pet from another country? it is possible to have pet shipped to you.
poor bastard just has to suffer a bit.... idk i went on a uk website for ordering reptiles and mexilandia was on the drop down list of counties to select.

hmm pianoTM, the people in missouri must not like strange things... like reptile pets.

oh yeah, speaking of animal cruelty.

(animal cruelty)

as an experiment, i am going to try introduce a 3rd robo hamster into the 2 i already own.
the poor bastards.

this is very hard to do successfully,
let alone impossible if not done right.

1. introduce them all to a new, larger home with another home inside.
2. the new robo hamster is in the smaller home, inside the larger home.
3. should only be able to touch noses, as to alow the robos to become used to each others presence.
4. swap the two robos and the one from there homes routinely, to prevent territorial behavior.
5. continue doing this until no signs of aggression seem present.
6. remove the smaller cage, make sure there is one of everything for each hamster to use.
7. supervise the hamsters carefully. robo hamsters need time to get to know each other, especially in the beginning. if the hamsters get into a fight, use your judgment to determine how severe the conflict was. continue to monitor... if aggression is deamed to high, return to step 2.

if the aggression continues despite your best efforts, the hamsters should be deamed incompatible with one another.

as they simply do not like eachother.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

xoe, it's still possible to finish your goal.
just spend less time on everything.

s-seven hours??!?!

Let's Write... !!!

musings about.
life, time, dreams, peace/chaos, horticulture

Life's a dream;
Time it's self is the illusion,
A divine, transcendent framework.

With the black abyss at it's base.
The universe is chaotic.
Not peaceful.

With an ivory tower built inside;
Peace can be cultivated.
It can grow.

Within the chaos.

What are you thinking about right now?

I googled 'Bearded Dragon Alternatives'
Came across the Rankins Dragon, a 20 gallon is enough for one too

What are you thinking about right now?

How many gallons?

What are you thinking about right now?

This been said, give a Skink a 10mm pistol. And suddenly it's quite the predator!

What are you thinking about right now?

Blue Tongued Skinks are omnivores, and will eat absolutely anything their eyes lay upon.
They are timid creatures, whose only roll in nature is to be eaten.
To avoid being eaten, Skinks enjoy burrowing underground,
so they can blend themselves into the Forrest floor.

A Skink has one defense, and this defense is its Blue Tongue.

The Blue Tongue will be wagged in front of potential predators to scare them away.
In nature, bright colors mean 'poison'.
However, Blue Tongued Skinks are not poisonous and they are truly defenseless creatures.

To survive they are simply liars.
i.e. Storytellers

wheres newblack

we're all newblack.
newblack lives inside of our hearts!

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

Xoe gives permission to be a part of any and all forms of fiction.
The possibilities are infinite.

wheres newblack

The saddest fact of life.