Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

is scary knowing how fast a gun could take someones life. i'm glad your friends were ok pianoTM, scary that you had to look like Gourd mentioned.


strangely enough, rv was looking though a gun catalog this evening.
she pointed to a Sig Sauer MCX, and said it looked cool.

i said, that's fully automatic?!?!?
she said no, it's semi...
i said, oh.

i dont' really see any reason i'd want to own an automatic rifle.
burst fire, maybe...


over the watch
past the over
overview of the watch past over.

long long ago.
in a battleborn far far away.

there was,

What are you thinking about right now?

Welp Junpeis alreay working there magic on me.
Talking about sleeping in class and all that...
Being an idiot.

Clever bastard

wheres newblack

X-Men: Statpocalypse

the older i get, the more i seem to appreciate numbers

[Poll] New Languages


Wow it's like risk or something.

World Domination.

I heard it's not actually as hard as one might think to keep Hanzi and Kanji separate from each other.
The trick is to learn the characters within a context (sentence)
And the real trick is to learn the language with the language it's self, when you get to that point...

And also it's not as hard as people think it is.
Reading a symbol is not any different then reading a word.
When I read a word, it's ,more or less a symbol kind of...
I don't pay attention to the letters that much at least.
And it's just a bunch of shapes, really...

Knowing 30k symbols is not much different then knowing 30k spellings...
Or at least it's not as different as a lot of people make it out to be.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Yay gogo Louis :D

Yay everyone's doing so good with there goals!!!

Just do it~!

40/213 figure drawings
0/67 heads
0/42 hands
2/13 photostudies
0/2 games
0/1 gif
0/1 still life

What are you thinking about right now?

So much for this weeks goal that I made.
I bought a Vita and Persona 3 Portable off the kajeje
It's my dream come true...

Kotone x Aigis here I come!


Let's Write... Fanfiction!


Here is Part 2 of my FFIX fanfix.

It is NSFW, it has depictions of murder, dead children, violence, and hunting.
Anyone that really likes Chocobos, should read this with discretion.
Possible triggers?

The Bandit's body was hardly recognizable after Pizza was done.
The rain mixed the blood into the mud. Freya cried in agony. Her baby girl was now dead.

"NOOOOOOOooOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOoooOoOoOOOOOOOooOOOOOOO!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!" She dug her face into the bloody mud, she had lost the most important thing to her. Pizza stood there looking at Freya, unsure what to say. There baby was now dead, and all because of a now dead Bandit. That Pizza was unable to protect his baby girl from.

But what pained Pizza further was that none of this would of happened if he had not taken on that strange quest he accepted from Lord Avon. His ocean side home that he built, his baby, Freya...

Freya threw mud at Pizza's face and screamed.
"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Before collapsing back into the mud crying her heart out.
Pizza stood still, he did not react, his blade coursed with more power then ever before, though.

Freya grabbed her babies body and held it as tight as she could.
"I'M SORRY!!!!! I'M SORRY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noo!!! nooooooooOO!
I'm so sorry! Please forgive me please." Her tears were lost to the rain.

The sun began to peer though the clouds, and the light danced across Freya.
Freya looked into her babies eyes, her uncontrollable crying suddenly ceased.
She smiled and slowly put her hand onto her babies head and caressed it.
She put her hand over her eyes and closed them. Before turning towards Pizza with an icy gaze.

That shot though his mind, and into his heart.

She bite her lip and ran away as fast as she could with their child's body.
Pizza stood still, defeated.


It was a starry night, and the moon was full, illuminating the landscape with it's beautiful glow.
Light danced across Freyas Javalin, that she had placed inside the earth next to her child's grave.
She had made a beautiful grave for her child;

She sat on her knees as she sang a beautiful song for them, she arranged beautiful flowers for them, and she prayed for them. She looked into the stars, asking for forgiveness, looking for answers.
She had none.

But she knew what she wanted to do.

She lifted her Javelin out of the earth and continued her travels to the east.
Unaware though, that Pizza was following her.


When Freya was far far away, Pizza visited the grave site she had made.
He took off his helmet and rested it onto the ground.
He stuck his blade where Freya's Javalin had been. The moon light shown brightly on it.

Pizza got down on his knees and began to cry, an act very unlike the Dark Knight, that he was.

He began to ponder how he was even a Dark Knight at all, since this is FFIX.
The paradox...
He tried to remember how it happened, but he could not, everything just blurred together.
He took off his left gauntlet and made a cut with his right on his left hand. He took his hand and placed it on the grave stone.

Pizza was unable to ask for forgiveness he could only offer his blood to his baby.

"Ah, so your baby is dead...?" Said a voice behind him, anger shot though Pizza and in his brilliant flash of confusion. He grabbed his sword, and swung at the voice behind him.

Cutting the grave stone in half. As well as missing. Pizza missed? Pizza was very confused.
"Lord Avon!?" Pizza was on the verge of striking at his body again. How did he miss?
He wanted to know what they were going to say now though. This was truly bizarre.

What is Lord Avon doing here? How does he know? Everything was happening so fast.
Was this just another illusion from the evil demon? Pizza could not tell.

"Have you found my accomplice yet? I don't beieve you have..." Pizza shook his head angrily.
"No I was unable to find them... and instead I have lost everything that I have ever managed to make for myself... everything."

Lord Avon laughed.

"My quest is not for just anyone Pizza. Do you think you can still find my accomplice?
I needed to find... a Dark Knight, such as yourself... Which is, very rare, in FFIX mmhmh."

Lord Avon snickered while running his hand threw his hair.
"Look...maybe I'll even toss in a 'Role Changer Stone' if you find my accomplice.
Perhaps it's all just another illusion, Pizza. Ask yourself, is your baby, dead?"

Role Changer Stone? What on earth was Lorn Avon talking about...
These things are not in Final Fantasy...Pizza could barely stand.
He closed his eyes and rubbed his brow in pain.
Was his baby alive? He could not let hope to enter his Dark Knight heart.

Pizza opened there eyes but to there confusion Lord Avon was now gone.
He looked around, and besides the now desecrated grave stone.
There was no sign of his presence ever have been there.


Blood covered Freya's body, she had not done a good job at hunting the Chocobos.
None the less, the bodies of 3 Chocobos surrounded her. She had cooked Chocobo Cacciatore.

Freya had never have heard of someone ever making such a meal.
But here she was, and it was done. She was happy that she at least made a nice meal.
But why three Chocobo's? What was the sense in that? Was there even the sense in one?
Tears filled Freya's eyes. Why do will kill things, and then ask for forgiveness after...

She ate the her meal though.
It was really good... But it did not bring her any closure, like she thought it would.

Her child was dead, and nothing was going to bring them back, and now so were three Chocobos.
So was a Bandit, but who gives a fuck? Freya heard movement in the Bushes. She grabbed her Javalin, she had began to act strangely aggressive over the past two weeks since her child died. She was ready for anything.

Pizza, emerged from the Bushes. Freya gasped.
She looked at the dead Chocobos and the blood on her arms.

She began to cry.

Here is a Persona 3 fanfic, it is NSFW(L?).
Igor x Kotone

"Welcome to the Velvet room! My name is Igor, I have a very large nose!"
Kotone felt kind of spaced out, was she dreaming? Igor's words kind of blurred into each other... He kept talking for awhile.

"I only ask that you abide by the contract. You must, touch my nose."
Suddenly Kotone felt awake.
"That's disgusting you old man. What kind of pervert are you? I'm out of here you sick fuck." Igor was taken back by her rudeness.

"H-how dare you! Y-you..." Igor's nose suddenly started to bleed profusely.
Kotone was laying on the floor with her clothes off.

"Oh Igor, please put that big nose of yours inside me." Kotone said lustfully spreading her legs open. Igor's nose wouldn't stop bleeding!
"O-oohh darn, ugh. Ahhhhh. oh!" Kotone giggled.

"Igor please I can't wait much longer."
Igor took off his pants. "W-well I guess I will just have t-to use this!"
Kotone nodded happily.

Igor's nose continued to bleed during the whole process.
Kotone was welcome back any time.

[Poll] New Languages

I've had many ideas in the past of languages I wished to study. French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic. I never got to far with any of them.

I feel I got the furthest with Japanese though. I went absolutely insane with learning it at some point. It was summer and I was unemployed, I spent every moment of my day either listening to Japanese, reading Japanese or studying Japanese. According to Anki I memorized over 1000 kanji in a month on top of everything else. Think I burnt out though? Idk I stopped completly.

I feel I got the furthest with Japanese, because
I have a thing for Japanese media. I view language as a door into another world. If you know a language, suddenly the world opens up more.

I've always liked the idea of being able to read and speak Japanese. It also is cool because it gives me a 'reason' to consume the media much more in depth like.

Not to mention you could even have online 'japahomies'
How cool is that?

I thought Mandarin would make most sense for making money... and money is nice. I thought French too because the 'New York' of canada, is French.

But good old 'moonspeak' as Lorne calls it, a derogatory term for any 'confusing' eastern language. Idk moonspeak sounds more romantic to me then derogatory...

Anyways what's your thoughts?
*edit I guess this is a poll poll. Idk what that means.