10 pushups 10 situps 10 squats 1km walk everyday

What really? I like my feet, and I don't want to feel bad about myself!
I just thought it may help with body coordination and well the physical exertion required...

10 pushups 10 situps 10 squats 1km walk everyday

I completely forgot about this!
It's summer Xoe... jesus fuck go outside.

Go swimming, lift some weights, take ballet lessons.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Lovely sprites SpicedMocha!

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

Inspector Gadget and Fox McCloud Part 1. (no NSFW yet)

Inspector Gadget was drinking heavily at a bar trying to reclaim his lost humanity.
It was hopeless, the pain was, unbearable.

Fox McCloud sat next to Inspector Gadget and ordered A Pink Squirrel. He looked down at Inspector Gadgets robotic legs and could not help but be intrigued.

"So you have robotic legs too, huh?" Said Fox McCloud to break the ice.
Inspector Gadget looked up with dreary eyes.

"*hicup* "y-yeah...i-im a cyborg actually. *hicup* i-i wish i was human... i miss my body."

Fox McCloud gave Inspector Gadget a sympathetic look and rested his hands on his sholders. "Why do you wish you were human Inspector Gadget? If I do say so myself your cybernetic body is very... attractive."
Inspector Gadget's eyes widened he was a little taken back by that strange comment. He blushed a bit though. Was it due to the alcohol or was it Fox?

"T-thanks Fox, y-you think I'm attractive...?"
Fox smiled and nodded.

Inspector Gadget looked down at his drink, suddenly he began to cry.
Fox McCloud was startled by the sudden tears, Fox was unsure if he said something he shouldn't have.

"I-inspector Gadget! Are you okay? I didn't mean to make you cry..."
Inspector Gadget sniffed.

"N-no it's okay, I-I just don't hear such kind words to often anymore..."
"One day... on one of my daily investigations, I got Penny killed. I-I don't really want to talk about it... B-But with out Penny... I'm a mess as you can see."

Fox looked really sad, he wasnt sure what to do, he wanted to give Inspector Gadget a hug but his better judgment told him not too.

"I'm.. really sorry to hear that Inspector Gadget." He paused.
"I've lost quite a few friends in my time as a gun for hire... So I know your pain." Fox touched Inspector Gadgets hands.

"You must be strong Inspector Gadget, that is what Penny would of wanted. You are strong Inspector Gadget, never believe other wise. Okay?"
Inspector Gadget shook his head.

"No... I'm a complete mess. Look at me... Penny would be so disappointed in me."
Inspector Gadget broke down and buried his head into the bar" A number of customers inside the bar looked fairly uncomfortable. Fox paid for the tab with out even getting his fruity drink.

"H-hey let's get out of here Inspector Gadget. I think you may of had enough to drink." Fox McCloud helped Inspector Gadget up and they both exited the bar.

Xoe Cooks

yo mama's cooking 4
It will be for ios/android.

Yay that makes me happy Madjak :D
Behold blurry burgers!

[GAME OVER] M.A.F.I.A:Pandemic Edition(Postgame Discussion)

author=Yellow Magic
I have the feelings that YM is trying to throw me off by saying IF is a not so good town.
Um, I'm not sure how pointing out someone is behaving like a not-so-great Townie is the same as throwing you off...

Well I was pretty sure about IF for what ever reasons. But then the moment you said otherwise I began to doubt my choice. But then I read your post history and I found it odd how all over the place you were acting.
But it's day one and senpai is here so maybe your a little nervous~

*le sigh*

Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

Thank god the poet is here to rearrange words

Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

Makes me sick how the politicians are going to use this event to there advantage.
That's just what politicians do. Though.

I don't really want to turn this topic into a talk about people owning fire arms.
But seriously allowing people to legally buy magazines that can hold 100+ rounds?


[GAME OVER] M.A.F.I.A:Pandemic Edition(Postgame Discussion)

Feel like I might as well be flipping a coin though.
To be honest I feel around 65% sure.

Guess it's day 1?

[GAME OVER] M.A.F.I.A:Pandemic Edition(Postgame Discussion)

After giving it very much thought, I decided I don't trust either IF or YM.
I believe both are what you would call 'scum'
I have the feelings that YM is trying to throw me off by saying IF is a not so good town. YM seems kind of all over the place. IF feels much more certain, which is a quality one can trust. But that's also what scum would want. They would want your trust.

#lynch InfectionFiles