Let's work on your game descriptions!

Jon Will Navidson's mind is split apart in a dream they had.
One a female, the other a gender confused male.
As the game progresses there minds are split apart further.
You must guide Jon and his proxies though a dangerous and confusing world.
Where people seem to know you, but you do not know them.


Control 2 players at once.
Each has up to 5 proxies that you must control too.
This is done by randomly assigning a value between 1-5 to the proxies
every step of then game.

So it may be something like 1-1-4-3-2
Another random number value is generated every step.
In this case it's 1.
So two proxies would accept the movement you made.

~25 min long
No RTP is used.
Custom music/audio.

What are you thinking about right now?

It's fine I'll live, but ya maybe some good old meditation...
(which i never really have done before)

hope you get better too. 200+ BP is not good! somethings really stressing your body out.

are you sleeping enough?

[Poll] Pokémon Go!

RMN Go, everyone?

the RMN augmented reality game

What are you thinking about right now?

yay! pianotm i'm happy to hear you are okay! i was actually in a hospital for 8 days, it was not to fun but it gave me some time to calm down...
i have a blood pressure of 160... i really got to get that down!

sorry you can't eat broccoli... it's weird because i got a steamer and have been eating broccoli lately.

The Convent

blood huh? cool!

What are you thinking about right now?

The thumbs up really sold it for me...


I can't tell if I wrote a good review or not. It's more an analyze then a review..
Liberty must decide.


The In-Game Avatar Photo Op

your super cute ratty dammmnggg
well this was 9-10 years ago, mind you...

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

i just need to go find me some dex


then i can actually sit down and actually read/listen/appreciate your amazing fukcing novels

of eternal beauty

(undiagnosed adhd)

(seriously it's actually really really hard to even sit though a movie... let alone read hexatona's novels. i try, but then i feel pretty much nothing. and it's hard to get into anything even if it's really good.. so i had better go see a doctor, my parents could never afford one in the past.
in this manor our greatness is mitigated.)

The In-Game Avatar Photo Op

menasha perished long ago.
but i kept a photo.

he was a level 69 bandit with 1.3% left until level 70.
back then that was a big deal.

since his guild assassiNATION was dead, and all his friends were gone.
it was time for him to quit too.
i remember he did not care to much for the 3rd job advancement anyways.
he just cared about his friends.

amy was really really hot too. he talked to her a bit over the phone and stuff but the feelings were not reciprocated.

What's your catchphrase?

"How amazing" or "How touching" !! my friends really comment on me a lot with this silly phrases of mine! xDD

How amazing
How touching