Hi, do you have sexual fantasies that are hard to satisfy? Do you just wish you had a free artist that would draw you, cool hentai pics of an extremely large variety?

Well, look no further. PM me what you want to see.
I will forward the request to Karin. This process is 100% confidential and cool.

If unsatisfied with your image let me know and I'll be sure to yell at Karin.

wheres newblack

[Poll] New Languages

I've had many ideas in the past of languages I wished to study. French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic. I never got to far with any of them.

I feel I got the furthest with Japanese though. I went absolutely insane with learning it at some point. It was summer and I was unemployed, I spent every moment of my day either listening to Japanese, reading Japanese or studying Japanese. According to Anki I memorized over 1000 kanji in a month on top of everything else. Think I burnt out though? Idk I stopped completly.

I feel I got the furthest with Japanese, because
I have a thing for Japanese media. I view language as a door into another world. If you know a language, suddenly the world opens up more.

I've always liked the idea of being able to read and speak Japanese. It also is cool because it gives me a 'reason' to consume the media much more in depth like.

Not to mention you could even have online 'japahomies'
How cool is that?

I thought Mandarin would make most sense for making money... and money is nice. I thought French too because the 'New York' of canada, is French.

But good old 'moonspeak' as Lorne calls it, a derogatory term for any 'confusing' eastern language. Idk moonspeak sounds more romantic to me then derogatory...

Anyways what's your thoughts?
*edit I guess this is a poll poll. Idk what that means.

Xoe Cooks

Ah yes. I cook! Or at least I used to.
I am not the best but hey you learn.

I tried making Chilaquiles from scratch more or less.
It turned out okay, the tortillas were not crispy enough and just turned soggy when I added the Sauce.

Also an evil omen! 3 twin eggs!!! Let's go watch anime in the theaters now!

Parlons francais

Ahhhh oui oui. alors parlons et bien nous amuser nya nya nya

System Flux (Dark Sci-fi Forum Game)

Welcome to System Flux!

System Flux is a Dark Sci-fi Turn Based Forum game where there is no sign ups. You may join in, at anytime.

Players may make an Action of there own choosing by making there action red.

Each turn I will randomly pick an action from the ones presented. If that action is impossible, I will pick another at random, until a possible action is made.

Players may only make one action a turn.

Players may yell insanity, strategize, fight, lie, trick each other, yada yada, in the thread.
Actions are red though.

Time between turns will vary. It depends on how fast I can draw what ever it is I need too. If I'm near a computer, stuff like that.

There is combat, but I'll figure that out later. But it has something to do with the player character either being positive or negative...

Also you may die, alot.
Luckily you can save at certain points.
(Also I'm completely winging this)

Turn: 1

You open your eyes, you have no memory of who you are.
The floor feels warm against your cold, metal body.
You hear distant machines humming.
Wires, are everywhere.

Xoe's Arterific Art Place

Hi everyone! I'm Xoe!

Liberty gave me a truly wonderful, NON rule breaking method of posting, yesterday!!!! Yay!! (Thanks Liberty!!!) Basically, I'm Xoe, not fearful here.
Do not call me 'fearful', here. I am 'rping' I will simply ignore you until call me Xoe.

Hi hello.

Here is a computer generated representation of me.
Though as time goes on, I may find nerdy 'accessories'.

As that is what a 'hot nerdy chick' does with their life.


So I am an animator.
I began a project this weekend it's basically a slide show atm...

Xoe did all the art. Then when it was done, Xoe bossed Cascadia around and she arranged audio for the anime.

The tenitive title is, 'superSex420'.

I would describe it as a 'slice of life', with drug references, violence, and suggestive eroticisms. The subject matter is, diverse.
It follows the day to day activities of 3 imaginary people.

Harold x Kloe

hello, and welcome to the debut of the real mens network's hit mini series.

it is a comedic slice of life with suggestive eroticisms.
the subject matter will be diverse, as kloe and harold
are put though a number of interesting situations.

have a seat, and rest your eyes on the mini series current episode.
and please, stay tuned.

Hyper Light Drifter

Well it's out, I think i'm some kind of funny guy turning the brightness to 0-2.
Music must be turned down too, it's nice music but i like it quieter.

I'm stuck on this one part but i'll figure it out...
I like words but there isn't any, also no co op :(

Still it's fun, it's cool how drifter looks all proud of them self after slaying everything in a larger encounter.

I find i tend to barely make it out of a fight alive. Lots of dying. It's not too punishing, must watch yourself stand up, though.

Dark SciFi Suggestions?

If your into this kind of thing, what's a good 'Dark SciFi' to watch? Could be anime too! Prefer movies though.

I've seen these in recent history and liked them much.

Dark City
12 Monkeys (movie, never seen the new show)

Generally they got some action going, and some weird shit going on via science.
protagonist are vulnerable, but not to vulnerable.

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