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"see you on the other side of the moon, space rocker"

... is a LoOnY PiOnEEr (of Super Nintendo World Maps) named Max K.L of the golden state. This awesome dude totally believes games could be more (hoooly!) than giant ~bouncing~ tatas, explosions and muscles. Max wishes to share a world inside the dude's head to those who cared to turn around, and prove to Guy Montag that not all interactive media will become Soldiers of Dumb.



Rainfall: The Sojourn Kickstarter ad !

dont be a NOOb, ghost invest ed in a time machine

helps to build awareness before the game was started

How come people don't explain their features? They just..

because people have no idea why they put x y and z into their 'games'. they aren't thinking about that or anything else because cognitive function is beyond them. it's time to add my poison status effect and make sure attack command damage variance is between 3-12

too deep for you maggot


nice gam e title

Among Thieves

nice gam e title



the few memories of arabic 1a i have left

Shadows off a Dream

No. It's Shadows Off a Dream.


the long goodbye

au revoir folks. sorry i deleted my projects from rmn.

if you want to see updates on my project, you are always welcomed http://thelonggoodbye.bitbonton.com/

i usually post almost daily, but i have been ill this week with a fever so i have been ~ at rest ~.

YDS' Let's Try [Season 3]

sorry folks, closing down shop.