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"see you on the other side of the moon, space rocker"

... is a LoOnY PiOnEEr (of Super Nintendo World Maps) named Max K.L of the golden state. This awesome dude totally believes games could be more (hoooly!) than giant ~bouncing~ tatas, explosions and muscles. Max wishes to share a world inside the dude's head to those who cared to turn around, and prove to Guy Montag that not all interactive media will become Soldiers of Dumb.
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Uncook! Undone!
  • Blink
07/11/2010 03:25 AM
Tasty--but could use some more salt.
  • Forever's End
07/10/2010 06:16 AM
To enjoy this game is an acquired taste.
  • Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
07/10/2010 12:01 AM
  • The Longing Ribbon
07/29/2009 04:50 PM
Kind of tasty. Needs more flavor.
  • Sore Losers
07/27/2009 06:50 AM
YummyD's Idolcraft -
  • Idolcraft
07/21/2009 06:04 PM
Delicious! Delicious! A must-eat.
  • Ascendence
07/18/2009 10:06 PM
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