Title Source Info
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine
Bugfixes and small mods.
12/03/2011 02:16 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Adjust Limits
No longer be confined by 9999 MaxHP, 9999 MaxMP, etc.
12/03/2011 06:52 PM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Slippery Tiles
Step on ice. You slip.
12/05/2011 03:57 PM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Flip Pictures
VXAce still lacks the ability to flip pictures. Not anymore!
12/05/2011 04:01 PM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Common Event Tiles
Bind common events to trigger upon stepping on certain tiles.
12/05/2011 04:03 PM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Party System
Enables for larger than 4 party sizes (or less than!) and a menu to go with it!
12/05/2011 04:20 PM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Base Troop Events
Every battle now draws event data from one troop group.
12/09/2011 02:41 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Call Random Battle
Call random battles rather than set battles for events.
12/09/2011 02:43 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Menu Engine
Add, remove, and reorganize commands to your main menu in Ace!
12/09/2011 02:47 AM
Yanfly Engine Ace - TP Manager
Manage your TP system with FFX style overdrive modes.
12/09/2011 02:52 AM