Hi! Thank you for peeping at my profile.

I like making modern-themed games. My first game, Onyx, was made in 2006, when I was a senior in high school. So it's pretty ROUGH, but people seem to like it? Total Chaos is my personal favorite, but it has some, erm, issues, too. Mystery Man Zero is coming you guys, I haven't forgotten about it. A full-game will come out even if it takes 10 years. Oh gosh, I hope it doesn't take that long, but you get what I'm saying, right?

Right now, I am also working on A Nightmare in Sunnydale, a horror genre mesh-up fangame, if you will. I also like playing games. Actually, playing RPGM games is legit one of my favorite pastimes. *insert smiley here*

When I can fit it in, I do a little bit of Gatekeeper as well, a sci-fi fantasy about a team of god-lite forces, Gatekeepers, who have to protect the dying Earth from forces they don't even know about.

If thou think they can take it, download some of my stuff!

List of favs: (everybody likes lists, right?)
Fav movies:
A Nightmare on Elm Street
End of Evangelion

Fav Shows:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a shocker, I'm sure)
Neon Genesis: Evangelion
Arrested Development
True Blood

Honorable mention: Survivor (lol)

Snow Crash
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
It/Doctor Sleep
Guilty Pleasures
Vampire Academy

Fav Albums:
Amerie - All I Have
Craig David - Born to do It
Kylie Minogue - Light Years
Nelly Furtado - Loose
Brandy - Full Moon

Fav Music Artists:
Amerie (active or not, I've loved her since middle school lol)
Nelly Furtado
Janet Jackson
Kylie Minogue

Honorable mention: Lady GaGa, Mariah Carey (lol @ my music taste)

Fav Channels:
TV One
American Heroes Channel

RPGM Games:
A Blurred Line
Take Down Legacy
The Way series
In the Name of the Rose/Until My Finest Hour
Aptos Adventures

Honorable mention: Zombie Survival

Fun fact: My games tend to be DARK, but, clearly, my personality is the furthest thing from dark.
A Nightmare in Sunnydale
Buffy Anne Summers, a 20 year old college sophomore, sacrificed herself to save the world from evil. Little did she know, the world she would soon wake up in is worse than the one she died to save.



Complete Chaos Review

Thanks for this review!

ONYX 2: Clinging Soul Review

Thanks for your review! I'm so happy you enjoyed this.


Yeaster, i'm very confused: Which one to download, the full game or the demo?
Full game link is broken.

Extended demo. There isn't a full game

ONYX Review

Thanks for the review! I'm so happy people are still playing and enjoying this ancient game. I was a whole 17 years old when I made this way back in 2006. I had no idea what the heck I was doing then, but I guess I'd managed to stitch together something decent. haha

Mystery Man Zero

I'll do my best haha

Mystery Man Zero

sadly no. i've been really busy, with real life and other stuff and all. but i'll start chipping away at this, do a little bit each day.

Mystery Man Zero

sadly no. i've been really busy, with real life and other stuff and all. but i'll start chipping away at this, do a little bit each day.

Mystery Man Zero Review

Aw, thank you! I'll try to finish this one day. I'll work on it bit by bit like I did 'Sunnydale.'

A Nightmare in Sunnydale

This is going to sound so bad, but I never quite figured that out

A Nightmare in Sunnydale Review

thanks for the review