Hi there

Thought I should stop being so isolated and say hello to some fellow game developers! So hi! Soooo... About myself...

Long time game maker here, about 15 years making the Eye of Vyrius, recently released a demo. Kinda disappointed in the reception, my Princess Daphne game which only uses RTP resources got wayyyyy more views and downloads... Oh well. It's a cursed project anyways and I'm nearly done with it, and I can move onto something else...

Favourite Games: Mostly RPGs. Baldur's Gate is my absolute favourite game series of all time, as well as any of the infinity engine games. Persona 3, 4+5 are great too.

Favourite Anime/ Cartoons: Jojo, Baki, Dragon Ball Z, anything with dudes punching each other I love. Adventure Time is cool as well. Don't really watch anything aside from anime/ cartoons...

Anyway, nice to meet everyone!
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