Hiya!This is YouChou Entame Workshop.



[RMMV]Need help for Windowskin Tiled Background!

Hiyas~!I'm making of a dating-like simulation game called Chingyoje MV,but I didn't like the windowskin background stretching to fit(the option to select between stretch and tiled display is not included in the YEP_MessageCore plugin).Do you have any ideas for setting the windowskin box background from stretch-to-fit to tiled display?



What is it?!Is this hell?!

THE MVLYMPICS! {Sign Ups Ended}

I've been waiting for this contest!I'm in~!

A New YouChou Gothic Fairytales Episode~!

...I thought you were HexaRose_Dev now? *confused*

I finally made my decision and chose that account to get perma-banned,because the account I'm currently in(YouChouEntame) wields very important information for making my future games.As for HexaRose_Dev,it had no important stuffs.

rpg maker mv is a large step backwards

There's nothing to worry,RPG Maker MV is using programmable plugins instead~!

We're Moving~!

We've got lots and lots of fun RPGs to develop,so we thought to move to a new RMN account~!

A visitor from the dream world,Hexa Rose,has offered us YCE team to move to her new,larger workshop.She was the only dreamlander we met to know where she came from,and gave us a Dreaming Amulet for each of our team members.Then we activated the Amulets in order to take our first steps to the wonderful area that looks like a beautiful forest with tall jungle trees,vines,blossoms and a river where Hexa Rose's workshop is located near.Afterward,we gave our amulets back to her.

Vittoria: This place's so wonderful!I have never visited here before...maybe I've visited that place a few times.
Roseriri: Vittoria,this place is not the same as one in Strawberry Land.
Vittoria: How can you tell?
Roseriri: The place that looked like here in Strawberry Land was nothing,but a vine forest with bridges(they can break,if you fall,you'll probably end up in Dokkipuchi Underworld).
Vittoria: The world couldn't be more mean to me.I hope this area is safe...
Purimari: Don't worry,Vittoria.You're not in the Strawberry Land.
Vittoria: Oh,I just thought there were some trash-talking people.I was afraid that if they were going to bully me.
Purimari: Oh,I remember!I think the Demon Witch is behind that.
Vittoria: So could you get amulets back from Hexa Rose to bring other sages of Scarletons here?
Purimari: Of course,Vittoria.Please standby~!

Working on a new Halloween game~!

Hiya friends~!It seems there are just a few weeks till Halloween,so I decide to make a surreal exploration RPG in which you can customize your playable character and explore through different fantastic realms filled with wondrous creatures and hidden treasures.Oh,I didn't make a progress in any of my YouChou Projects,because I've been sticking with other franchises and mostly Pokémon fanimations and stuff,but oh well.Due to that much interest to Pokémon,I'm going to start a new RMN account where I'll post summaries about my Pokémon fangames,as well as some Arichu Freaks RPGs.

And have you ever heard about RPG Maker MV?It's Enterbrain's(maybe) very latest RPG Maker engine which you can use to make RPGs for mobile devices~!

Candy Ballad

Great game,looking forward it~!

Hiya again~!

It seems Purimari has returned to our party~!Fortunately,she did it in time so that we have enough time to prepare for Halloween~!In mean time,Rouge has been so upset because he wanted to become a ruler of some land...however,his favorite holiday theme,Halloween,is a great time in which we can prepare a gift that will please him~!
Also,I told Vittoria that Purimari is coming,so we can continue our saga~!
Vittoria: I'm very happy to see Purimari again!
Vittoria: But how about your troopers,Roseriri?
Roseriri: Crap,I've got to call them back.

Purimari: Vittoria!I've missed you and your allies so much!
Vittoria: I'm pretty pleased to see you again!
Vittoria: We were waiting for you so long.And I'm so shocked that you could return without help of Roseriri's troopers!
Purimari: I didn't even remember how I fell into that situation...Oh!I remember!A girl named Noisen met Bunnius,a bunny who sought a mysterious monster (most likely Lilligaraming).Then,she met a sort of antics master,who cursed us into a crappy form.Noisen and Bunnius successfully escaped,however...
Vittoria: What a difficult situation you had...
Purimari: That might be why Roseriri's troopers didn't arrive in time.My escape from the curse was difficult enough to be called a miracle.
*Tsuguri Sensei arrives*
Tsuguri Sensei: But Purimari,at least 80% out of all miracles are perverted!
*Purimari,Vittoria and Roseriri laugh as they react to Tsuguri Sensei's comment*
Purimari: Tsuguri Sensei!I didn't see you for so long!
Tsuguri Sensei: I'm very happy to see you fine!
Tsuguri Sensei: I wish you a very happy Halloween~!
Tsuguri Sensei: We're going to have so much fun ever after~!
Purimari: Thank you,Tsuguri Sensei!
*Tsuguri Sensei leaves the RMN town*
Purimari: You can't leave,Tsuguri Sensei!
Purimari: Roseriri has an announcement for us!
Tsuguri Sensei: Oh!I'd like to listen what's up!

Roseriri: You are now no longer a substitute for Purimari,since she returned.However,I've got an idea,which you will love~!
Roseriri: I decide to divide you into four series groups~!
Roseriri: The first group is...Purimari's Tea Party!
Roseriri: Purimari will be in this group~!
Roseriri: The second group is...Chibi Pixel Strawberry!
Roseriri: Vittoria will be in this group~!
Roseriri: The third group is...YouChou Nijuyo Deluxe!
Roseriri: Tsuguri Sensei will be in this group~!
Roseriri: And the found group is...YouChou Gothic Fairytales!
Roseriri: I'll be in this group~!
Roseriri: Good luck,everyone~!


This game is so yummy,I'm gonna play it 'till I finally meet Purimari~!
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