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It seems Purimari has returned to our party~!Fortunately,she did it in time so that we have enough time to prepare for Halloween~!In mean time,Rouge has been so upset because he wanted to become a ruler of some land...however,his favorite holiday theme,Halloween,is a great time in which we can prepare a gift that will please him~!
Also,I told Vittoria that Purimari is coming,so we can continue our saga~!
Vittoria: I'm very happy to see Purimari again!
Vittoria: But how about your troopers,Roseriri?
Roseriri: Crap,I've got to call them back.

Purimari: Vittoria!I've missed you and your allies so much!
Vittoria: I'm pretty pleased to see you again!
Vittoria: We were waiting for you so long.And I'm so shocked that you could return without help of Roseriri's troopers!
Purimari: I didn't even remember how I fell into that situation...Oh!I remember!A girl named Noisen met Bunnius,a bunny who sought a mysterious monster (most likely Lilligaraming).Then,she met a sort of antics master,who cursed us into a crappy form.Noisen and Bunnius successfully escaped,however...
Vittoria: What a difficult situation you had...
Purimari: That might be why Roseriri's troopers didn't arrive in time.My escape from the curse was difficult enough to be called a miracle.
*Tsuguri Sensei arrives*
Tsuguri Sensei: But Purimari,at least 80% out of all miracles are perverted!
*Purimari,Vittoria and Roseriri laugh as they react to Tsuguri Sensei's comment*
Purimari: Tsuguri Sensei!I didn't see you for so long!
Tsuguri Sensei: I'm very happy to see you fine!
Tsuguri Sensei: I wish you a very happy Halloween~!
Tsuguri Sensei: We're going to have so much fun ever after~!
Purimari: Thank you,Tsuguri Sensei!
*Tsuguri Sensei leaves the RMN town*
Purimari: You can't leave,Tsuguri Sensei!
Purimari: Roseriri has an announcement for us!
Tsuguri Sensei: Oh!I'd like to listen what's up!

Roseriri: You are now no longer a substitute for Purimari,since she returned.However,I've got an idea,which you will love~!
Roseriri: I decide to divide you into four series groups~!
Roseriri: The first group is...Purimari's Tea Party!
Roseriri: Purimari will be in this group~!
Roseriri: The second group is...Chibi Pixel Strawberry!
Roseriri: Vittoria will be in this group~!
Roseriri: The third group is...YouChou Nijuyo Deluxe!
Roseriri: Tsuguri Sensei will be in this group~!
Roseriri: And the found group is...YouChou Gothic Fairytales!
Roseriri: I'll be in this group~!
Roseriri: Good luck,everyone~!
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