Dudo mucho que les interese tanto como para saber de mi pero bueno, lo unico que me interesa es jugar RPGs y starcraft. Anime muy leve y lo paranormal. Suficiente.


RPG Ringtones


The other day I decided to make lots of ringtones from good RPG music as well as a little bit of Anime and Rammstein. I share them here with you:

Here's the list of the content:

From games:
Ace Combat
Baldurs gate
Chrono cross
Dragon age
Double dragon (nes)
Dark Spire
King's bounty
Der Langrisser
Live a Live (snes)
Atelier games
Metal gear
Shin megami tensei series (& Personas)
Radiant Historia
Rogue Galaxy
Silent Hill
"Tales of" games
Valkyria profile
Wild arms

From Anime:
Death note
Fly (Dai no Daiboken)
Hikaru no go
Hajime no ippo
Saint seiya

Edge's theme (WWE)
Elmo (for joke purposes)

Looking for suggestions (good story)

Greetings fair community.

Ive been downloading games at random since I joined, found some very good orthers not so. This time I'd like to please ask for your recomendation of a game with good story, the very best you've played. I don't care about grapics, music, gameplay, or how long/short the games is.

The only requeriment I ask is that the game is complete (no demos or to be continued...) and preferably with hard difficulty (I like challenges).

A few examples of what I find with good story is: Last Scenario, Alter A.I.L.A. Eternal eden, and somewhat Dawn's light.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Fair Community


I am a mere wanderer, seeking RPGs made by fellow wanderers who, unlike me, filled their desire to craft the game of their dreams. I'll come and go quickly, but I hope that in my short stay I find great RPGs to tell my grandchildreen about in a distant, and probaly unlikely, future.

Oh and, if you don't mind, I'll write my reviews in Spanish so that perhaps I can convince a fellow countryman to play your games.

Su buen amigo:

Yunkel, the Stalwart.
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