幽霊ダーリン (Yūrei Darling) Studio is a duo project focused in creating anime-styled RPG Maker horror games!

The studio is comprised of best-friends-turned-couple: Dibur & yanovi. Together, they combine their complimentary skill sets and mutual love for anime & games into spoopy projects.




how I play in windowed mode?

game is executed automatically in full screen.

I press ALT + ENTER to play in windowed mode and doesn't work.

lease, help me.

F4 is the new default for all RMMV games ^^


Oh boy, this is the most pessimistic RPG ending I have encountered so far. Why do you do this - emo mode awakened. :((

PS. I liked everything else, if not perhaps short.

Pardon our heart-wreckage ^o^;

I'd use the term "bitter sweet".
I played the DLC. Good stuff all around. I got all 3 of the new items and one new ending. I didn't find a use for the rope. My suspicions were:
A) Give it to Chelsea at the end so she can hang herself. Yeesh, sometimes being thorough means being grim:(
B) Use it at the well to go down and find your body.
C) Something to do with that last apartment, but I never got the door to open.

New problems or problems I didn't notice the first time:
-When talking to ??? at the start one line reads "Err... Well, Kinda embarrassing...*snip*". I think that Kinda should be lowercase.
-The new items don't have inventory images.

How weird - We never encountered the items not having inventory images during testing. I PM'd you about that (and the rope thing as well heh).



I got an error message:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null
in the classroom after picking up the crayon and someone saying 'Give it back to me !' about 3 times and after the screen turning black for a while.

The game has been very slow until then (I don't know if that caused by my pc though).

After doing some research, it seems this is a known issue with RPG Maker MV caused by the method of screen flickering used in our game (rapidly displaying/erasing a picture with 1 frame of waiting in between). I don't think this has occurred on any previous version of RPG Maker, but yano and I are currently looking into a workaround!



The other chance is that the school uses a mixed grade system like is seen in small towns and older times.

^That! ^^

Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble and I was wondering if anyone could help? I downloaded the version for MAC, but every time I open up the game, it's working just fine, except that the picture is corrupted. It's fuzzy and nothing is visible. The sound works, and I can select things and walk around, I just can't see anything. Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks!

Oh dear, that's not good. If possible, could you send us a direct message with a screenshot of the bug + your computer's specs? We tested the Mac version on a couple of 2015 MacBook Pros, so it would be good to know how it's running on other computers. Thanks!~


EDIT: Actually what was that crayon even used for again? I outright don't remember.

You'll see :3

Edit: Nvm got it, and I also finished the game X3 It was really good, I'll upload part 2 of my lp now. I'll send a link when I'm done :3

Wonderful! I'm looking forward to part II of your LP!



Yo! Dibur here~ I do the coding and music. yanovi usually takes care of the Yurei Darling posts and stuff, but I figure I'd drop by~ huhuhuhuhu

Finshed. Thanks for the tip. Turns out I just didn't buttonmash enough. I'll do up my review shortly but it might take a while because I have a lot to say.

You can generate a crash (it did mention width or something) if you hold up while buttonmashing
to get away from the angel
. I didn't know if I would pass through the door automatically or not so I was holding UP while hammering X.

Thanks for playing our game all the way through and catching all this stuff~ ^o^

In regards to the crash bug --- we suspect this is actually a bug on RPG Maker MV's side. We've found that flashing (rapidly showing/erasing pictures) has consistently resulted in crashes similar to the one you experienced. We weren't able to reproduce the crash by holding any of the direction keys and mashing X. We'll probably have to find a different way to flash images, since that seems to be the constant factor in all of the crash reports we've received of it so far. Or hopefully the RMMV team will find a fix for this in the next MV update.

-I laughed my butt off when I took the
record and got attacked
. Back when I was a kid some campmates were arguing and I remember the lines "He stole my crayons!" "Well HE stole my Megadeth!" Anyway, in #201 it still says "it's too dark to see anything" even if you fixed your flashlight.

LOL that's awesome.
The guy with the record would totally listen to Megadeth. We don't want to give away too many spoilers about our future plans for "Chelsea", but... let's just say we didn't take the vinyl guy's story setup lightly! ^_~

We'll take your reports on the graphic and text stuff into consideration for our first patch. Thanks again for catching those!



Haaa... I am finished I dunno why but in the end I cryed...But still what is the name of that mysterious guy? He's sooo good looking sooo rawrrr *^* <3 I hope you make more of these games.... But please don't make the enemies soo fast I almost got a heart attack while running away..ps. When I was almost at the ending where I ..
was by the well to get the ring out I used this bucket from the kid to get it out then I walked to the other map and then bomm!! Game crashed.
But still the ending is so saad. whyyyyyyyyyyyy QwQ

We're glad you like it! We'll try to slow 'em down a bit more next game!
(Uh-oh! We have an idea of the bug you encountered.. By chance, did it have yellow and white text something along the lines of "width error"?)

The mysterious guy will actually reoccur in our next game! After we take a breather, it'll be in production for a release for the sometime early/mid-2016. We hope you'll play it! (You'll see a looot of him.)


And now I am stuck again xDD I try to pic up this item in the house 201 and I always get the game over because of that monster QwQ it's sooo hard to escape him O.O

He's pretty hard to avoid but if you..
go around the bed as soon as you pick up the item you'll be able to make it out alive!

Can you tell me where the second diary page is? I can't find it anywhere.

Only if you revisit a room with a certain item, you'll find it!
If you have the flashlight, you'll be able to see #2 in class 1-B.


I am stuck I don't understand the hint given in the theathre movie. I watched it more than 10 times and still don't understand it ... :o

No worries! We actually just made a walkthrough of the game.

Ctrl+F "Creepy Movie". :)


Wow. I'm stuck. Admittedly I did just get back from a party so my mindset might not be right.

Locket, 3 pages, Flashlight, Record, Pail, Daniel's Key, Crayon, Engagement Ring

I can do the
4 angels puzzle up until the one that's facing south. If I go east or west the dungeon loops. If I go north or south I die
. I think I need to overcome it but the clues in the library don't seem to be the answer. Am I even struggling with the right puzzle?

Hey again~ You're actually really close!
If you try hard enough at the correct door, it'll loosen up.
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