Good for you! Must be difficult to find considering how aged the games are. The list of Simurion is gonna be gorgeous~!

Eagerly awaits the customization system! I wonder how Hybrid bots "evolve" over time. A mix of classical elements and novel ones keeps things fresh.

Good luck making the game! ^ ^


I love robot-themed monster catching RPGs! Kudos to you for making this beautiful gem. Meanwhile I'll continue my search for old games that contain small, usable robot sprites. You don't have to apply any them because I know how painful it is to edit EVERYTHING, they're mere suggestions. You can always check Digimon (see Steel Empire for mechanical monsters, the third DS game has plenty to rip) and Mugenborg on GBA.

Yeah, come to think of it, Zoids are too darn big. As for Medabots, I recommend using sprites from Medabot Navi because the bots are in smaller scales (the game itself sucks though).

BTW, are tradional elements wind and earth present in the game? Or more science fictional approaches like chemical and kinetic? Just asking.



Guardian Saga

Beautiful sprites! Awesome effects! I'm glad I discovered this little gem.
Good luck working on your custom battle system for the sequel!

Legends Of Illarion 2: Sins Of The Gods

Kudos to you! The original LOI is one of the best indie RPGs I've played. I'm sure I'll enjoy this sequel a lot, too.


Robopon and Super Robot Taisen in one ******* great game! Oh what joy!
Ever thought about adding mechanic/genetic bots from Zoids and Keitai Denjū?


Metroidvania fun! Collectable spells! Delicious pixel art! *subscribes*


Let's not assume. How do you know how weak or powerful any skill is in this game? Just because it's underpowered elsewhere doesn't mean it is in FFD. :P

Thanks for clearing everything up.


Aero, Aerora, Aeroga, and Sylph's Whispering Wind are some of the wind-elemental attacks usable by party members. There are a few more sprinkled around.

Yes! I'm thrilled that both water and wind are present. It's just that Whispering Wind is a bit on the weak side, Pandemona would be of greater use...


Is the element of wind present in the game?