New version is coming very soon!

So many tweaks! This is like a huge makeover. I can't wait.

Progress Report #2 / Some Vidjas

They will, although at the moment I'm not sure exactly what those elements will be.
Then again, each "component" for individual ENI attacks may give you a set of different types of elemental skills.
Not sure where to go with it honestly, still working out the kinks.

I AM definitely planning on making each individual and combo ENI skills HIGHLY animated/cinematic.

I have played a few sci-fi RPGs that utilize properties like kinetic and thermal, but sticking to old school elements doesn't make your game less innovative. There are RPGs that let you produce "compound" spells (fire+water=whoah steam magic), which is a nice touch.

Progress Report #2 / Some Vidjas

I appreciate your interest, buddy!

Melee attacks, are you talking about how the enemies do separate amounts of damage? If so, yeah, I thought that'd spice it up a bit.
Furthermore, I hope to have tons more mini-games throughout.
I want the game to be as fun and as interesting as possible!
You're very welcome!
I love flashy battle effects so I'm especially interested in E.N.I. attacks, which is this game's equivalent of magic go BOOM. Do E.N.I. have respective elements?

Progress Report #2 / Some Vidjas

Cool, lots of mini games. I like the way they dish out melee attacks.

P2R Blog #11 - Might as well release...

Well...I do enjoy 2k3 games a lot better. The tool has its unique charm that can't be replaced by VX.

Please don't cancel this project...:(

First facts about the battle-system

Sounds awesome. Do mixed stones work like combo magic in Breath of Fire 4?
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