Zacharie is initially seen wearing a toad mask, which interestingly parallels a book found in the Bismark library that talks about a Masked Man who slays a Toad King. He is later seen wearing a cat mask as a replacement for The Judge, who is put out of commission by the death of his brother Valerie. His talking sound also turns into a voiced "Meow" instead of his usual chuckle.
OFF is the critically acclaimed French surreal adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008.



The Merchant's Tale

Hmm... as a merchant it's pretty...

The Kindly King

This rpg is so cute. I love playing peaceful games ^3^ You got the Kawaii-award from meh. Meow!

HOME (OFF fangame)

I really enjoy this game. Much more than I thought I'll :D By the by, Pablo. Wouldn't you like to allow me in the game to sell some specter repler ingame? Because I(actually you, the Judge) just leveled up 5 levels at the meat rivers and can't find the way to Dedan in that labyrinth >.<"


Nah. It was pretty helpful. I was worried about the upload because I recently uploaded a game and still couldn't find the download on game management. Well, I almost posted a thread here about it but thanks to my godness, I mean Queen, I didn't. Thank you guys.
I'm verry grateful right now. Please, accept this balloon as my token of gratitude.

Beta update HOME 0.8.5 is out.

Wooho. Sounds... exciting.

Doctor Who and the -World Guardians-

I always loved Doctor Who. It's reminds me my childhood. I watched many episodes back then.

Beyond Reality (IGMC 2014 Edition)

This rpg is very promising. It deserves higher rating. I think this game is very enjoyable. But maybe I'm too one sided with rpgs. I love them all.

Mirror Boy

This game is pretty cool. I liked it.

The Hero and the Reaper

Seems cool from the pictures. Take your time to finish it. I can wait for a good game like this. Meow!

HOME (OFF fangame)

Oh my godness! I mean Queen. I long ago wanted a spin-off and now here it is. Thank you my dear friend. I'll spend the night to play through this demo. By the by, take your time to complete this surely awesome game. Ha ha ha.
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