I'm a webcomic author. One of my webcomic stories is going to be in the form of an RPG maker game.


[RMVX ACE] How to Talk to Myself

Hi; I have a simple question.

I've been getting into VX Ace more lately, to the point where I would like to debug my scripting work. But one of the differences between VX Ace and RPG Maker XP, which I have more experience in, is that the "print" command doesn't make a system dialogue box pop up. I've also tried "p", but that doesn't work, either.

Is there any way to send a visible message to myself, so that I can check variables and such in real-time as the code is parsed?

[RGSS3] Tilemap Guts

Hi everyone,

Recently, I've been toying around with making the observable resolution of RPG Maker VX Ace smaller, so that the resolution matches that of an SNES game. I managed to decrease the window size, and set the tile grid (and all associated movements) to 16x16 pixels.

This seems to work great, but my problem is that this change does not extend to the tile graphics, which are still 32x32. The map's grid will be 16x16, but the graphical grid is twice as large. The character walks on a phantom map that is twice as small as what the player sees.

I realize that this 32x32 grid is kind-of hardcoded into RPG Maker VX Ace. Nevertheless, I would like to access the guts of the Tilemap class to try and halve the spacing of the graphics as the program draws each tile, as it initializes the map. Does anyone happen to have a reproduction of the Tilemap class? Or, can you point me in the right direction?

(I also realize I could just draw in 16x16 and scale it up to 32x32, but I'm actually trying to increase the performance by keeping things small. In my past experience with VX Ace, the engine tends to chug under large maps.)

[RMVX ACE] Registering for Older Computers

I'm using a computer that is running Windows XP. No one is using this operating system any longer.

This was made all the more apparent to me when I bought and then tried to register RPG Maker VX Ace. VX Ace uses a built-in Internet Explorer browser to access RPG Maker's registration/DRM server and verify itself. However, due to the updating of all websites' security protocols over the last year or two (including, Internet Explorer-based browsers can no longer access these websites.

I contacted tech support. This problem is allegedly solved by switching to TLS 1.2 (a security protocol parser?) in Internet Explorer's Advanced Options settings, but Windows XP is so old (can't believe I'm typing that), that no such option exists. I'm stuck on TLS 1.0.

I'm assuming that tech support has abandoned me, as I have not heard back from them for two days. Should I just ask for a refund at this point? If that's even possible. Or can they still do something? There is an Offline Manual Unlock option on the registration page when you open the program.

Masking Sprites

I suppose that this is a complicated subject... I just can't think of how it's done.

How is masking done? Having two images overlap each other, and one image acts as a mask for another. Wherever a pixel on the masking image has an alpha value that isn't totally transparent, the masked image's corresponding pixel shows. But everywhere else, those pixels won't show. In this way, a sprite can itself become a viewport for another graphic.

This is typically done to show special effects only inside the visible area of a sprite.

I'm watching someone play a game called Pokémon Uranium, a game made in RPG Maker, and there's masking in that, so I know that it's possible. The pokemon are increasing their attributes, and this wavy graphics flows through their sprites.

[RM2K] Metal Max Clone

Not sure if this is the right forum, but an amazing clone of the game Metal Max 2 for the SNES was recently released, 2 years ago.

But I think that this is a shining example of just how far you can take a Maker engine.

Author's website:

Splitting Probability

This is a math question. RPG Maker Fes is coming out soon, and I've been practicing with the kinds of limitations it's going to impart. The only random number generator it has is a probability branch. You can choose for something to 30% happen and 70% not to happen, or 40% and 60%, and so on. In this way, you can have a variable be 1 or 2, or 3 or 6, etc...

The thing is, to get a truly random number range, you would need to nestle a lot of these within each other. And this brings up the problem of how to split probability evenly.

If I want an even choice between, say, four choices, what percentages would I choose for each branch?

Let's say I have the possibility of the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. At each junction, I can only choose one number among the remaining numbers. Would that mean that the first junction is 25%/75%, and the next junction 33%/66%, and the final junction between the two remaining numbers, 50%/50%? This is what I first came up with, but it doesn't seem even to me.

Thanks for reading,

[RGSS] Handling Many Arguments

Dear all,

Is there an easier way to handle a method which takes a lot of arguments?

I recently created a class that helps me create animations. It's supposed to feature many parameters, for animating different aspects of a sprite. As a result, it takes a lot of arguments in its initialization:

def initialize(graphic, x, y, ox, oy, z, angles, special_commands, src_rect_loop,
relative_to, special_movement, id, using_slot, target_slot)

I was wondering if Ruby had an easier way to enter all of these any time I wanted to animate a new object.

Thank you for reading,

[RGSS] self.destroy

Hello all,

Is there a way for objects to destroy themselves using the self-referential "self"? Code that achieves the effect of "self = nil"?

Changing a Game's Icon

Hi everyone,

In the past, I'd searched for information on how to change a game's .exe icon. RPG Maker MV has the game's icon readily available to edit, but for the previous RPG Maker programs, the accepted way to do this is with ResHacker or another .exe modifying program, wherein the .ico file within the .exe can be replaced.

I just read a forum post saying that this might violate the EULA set by Degica/Enterbrain. Does it?

[RGSS] Very Large Script Pages

Hello everyone,

I have a problem of convenience. One of the methods in my script editor is becoming very long. Is it possible to bridge a Ruby method across two separate script entries?

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