I'm currently working on my game called "Oblivion Remnant". It's been on hiatus since 2013. Yes, what a shame.



Meta Revelations: Ring Spirits

aye, I didn't know you're still around. I'll be keeping this game on my radar, as I want to play this game in the near future. I'm just curious, what is the expected length to beat this game?

Passage of The Hollow Moon

Firefly has been a great help. Thank you Firefly.


they ruined the bear's nap...


The plot thickens...


She needs to learn how to share


Will I be able to stab him in the head way later in the game? if so, I'm game!

Castle Oblivion 3 Review

wow, what a review, really hit the nail.

The first floor dungeon was amazing. The dungeon was very unique and well done. It's personally one of my favorites.

First floor = first impression, so it's pretty important to get it right, am I right Luiishu? :D

Castle Oblivion 3

Yeah it left a huge impression on me too! What did you think of the story? I thought the main plot, presentation and cutscenes it was brilliant. Everything between Vincent and Azen was nice too, all the way through untill the very end of the game. I also really liked Gilgamesh and Dilan and their development. Even the guy from that snow temple part of the game was a nice surprise. I think that was in CO1 anyway. But I also wished Kelarly did more to the story with the other party members.

I liked the whole concept of Castle Oblivion. My most loved character is Gilgamesh. I especially liked the relationship between Vincent and Azen. In the remake, Luiishu does explore and give more characterization for the other party members. I can disclose to you right now that there's very more story in the remake. Honestly, you should definitely play this remake as soon as you can, because I would like to hear your thoughts.

Did a lot of players rage quit back then?
I just read a lot of comments and watch lets plays for the game haha.

Linus: The Forgotten Days

I am. The current plan is to have it ready by the end of the year. But who knows if I'll meet that deadline. I'm very bad at being a game developer.

Lol, I'm the same as you. I can't wait for this game release in 2030! just kidding. I want to see you break the mold of incomplete games that have so much potential to be a very great game. Such a large number of RPG Maker incomplete games will never be finished. I see it in my fantasies this game will be highlighted and featured!

Castle Oblivion 3

until you have to go back through the dungeons and defeat all those elemental spirit battles.
I actually don't remember that lolol.

Lol, ok. What part did you get most stuck on before cheating though?

When I played CO back in the day, halfway through the amusement, I simply didn't had the patience any longer. The enormous labyrinths maps influenced me to need to cheat and fight through the enemies with ease. I don't exactly recollect what floor I decided to cheat for the rest of the game. The game still made a huge impression on me back in the day. It was fun yet an undeniable irritation for me. I can understand why people rage quit that game. It's not a game for the newer audience.