You ever have nightmares involving characters you made?


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Every misdeed has its own punishment, and every good deed has its reward.
I did on two occasions....

The second one involved Lia coming to my house with a hatchet, and... >_>
nah, but you reminded me of The Hunt and All Of Our Friends are Dead, which are a couple very upsetting games that the creator apparently adapted from their own nightmares. it's an interesting method, but none of mine are really consistent enough to work even in a 'jumbled up unsettling imagery' sense.
I sometimes do the opposite. When I have a really, really disturbing nightmare, I will try to incorporate the characters into something I'm working on in some way.

Actually, a lot of my ideas (technical, gameplay, and story-wise) come from dreams...
No, but that sounds kinda awesome if it were a normal dream instead of a nightmare. Then again, after waking up, I'd still be intrigued by my character being in my nightmare!
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