I'm originally from Hungary, but now living in London, UK. I've never finished any games so far, even though I know Maker for 10 years now. I'm doing Mountainbike Downhill in my freetime, and playing League of Legends.

That's about it, really.
Ageunda - DEMO
Classic fantasy, detailed world



[Poll] The King of Fanatsy

Its pretty simple: Robert Anthony Salvatore. His Forgotten Realms books are just awesome, I read all of them (not even mentioning that you can get the main hero's gear in Baldur's Gate 2 PC game :> ).

CMS welp requested

Obviously it is in common events.

I'm doing almost everything in common events. But I actually use individual common events for parts of the menu for easier access and bug fixes. So I'm not piling up everything in one event.

My bad, when I wrote "individual events", I meant "common events".

Anyhow, I need to test it on my friends' comp, because it was working on mine anyways. I'm still not 100 percent sure, but I think this should fix the problem.

CMS welp requested

Basically there is a toggle switch for onfield events, whenever the menu gets opened, onfield gets turned off, thus making all the onfield events to stop.

Although I might just figured out the problem:

I like to get everything separated, in individual events, because that way it's more visible. But maybe that is the problem here, since every time you move the cursor, the program jumps into a new event, then jumps back.

Gonna test this out now.

CMS welp requested

Heya guys,

So here's the thing: I wrote a custom menu system a long time ago, but it wasnt really flawless, as sometimes it just "lagged", like, skipped one arrow key, or something like that.
I didn't know what to do, so I changed my 0.1sec wait in the loop for 0.0. Now it's working on my comp, but when I asked a friend to test it, it was lagging on his comp. It applies to the skill select menu as well.

I thought it maybe because I'm loading too much pictures in the same time (I'm writing out stats), but that is not the case, as I checked it, and I only load stat pictures when switching between characters, or opening the menu.

I would include script as well, but since it's quite long.

So I would like to hear some suggestions, that may help, but if nothing works, I'll screen some pictures of the script, as I really want it to be working on every comp.

Thanks in advance,

[2k3] Multiple Party Switch System

Yes, you need to set a location to begin with, otherwise you'll end up at 0/0 on 0 map ID (if that even exists).

In my opinion it's supposed to work, haven't tested it though. I got a dayoff tomorrow, I'll test it then.

As for the sprite on the map - yes, it is possible, all you need to do is to use the "move event" command, and move a Hero looking event into that spot where he was last seen.

Video Plugin - 2k3

One of my fellow Hungarian mates was crazy enough to do the picture thingy..

What spices do you add?

In my game I want to make it as realistic as possible. For example random weather, when it's raining birds that are usually flying around are nowhere to be found, people in towns are getting into their houses, pub fills up with people, etc.

Of course random weather is regional - in the desert you'll only see sandstorms, while at cold plains, snow.

The reaction of the NPCs' make it so real, that the players feel they are actually playing in a living world. Of course it is hard to make, but if you want a detailed world, you have to.

For example, I love the Gothic series, and one of my greatest moment in the game was, when I wanted to sell some things, and the shopkeeper literally just went off to the castlewalls to take a pee, refusing to serve me.
While other players might find it .. unpleasant, I found it hilarious.

Changing max Level through Events (rpg2k3)

To be honest I don't think that such an option exists. I'm not 100% sure though, cause I never had to use this kind of stuff.

Here are some ideas though, that could help you solve your problem:
You could make the monsters/quests give no EXP to champions that are on their "max lvl's". That way you don't need to worry about cloning, it's like faking the max lvl thing (though not sure if it's possible, probably, if you subtract the amount of xp given before/after it's given, your hero will remain on the same xp amount, therefore he'll never level).

While I'm not sure if that is possible, there could be other ways, for example every time a character levels, and are above the current max level, you just put him back to the previous level. While that isn't a perfect solution, still a viable option in my opinion (at least you dont need to clone them thousand times).

Probably there are easier methods, but these are the ones I could come up with.

Hope it helps.

Rpg2003 Van Charset

I'll look through my resources, I think I got one or two.. If not I'll jst try to draw something for ya.

What spices do you add?

I don't know, for example I liked the idea in FF5 that you can turn your ship into airship and submarine. Or that funny side-quest, when you had to go through the whole map by riding a Chocobo :)

Recently I haven't been playing much offline RPGs, but I liked the FF10 idea, where you could switch your party members in fights.

Also I like when you get to choose your own words, like in SW: Knights of the Old Republic.
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