I'm not staff anymore, so please don't ask me about that,especially game engine related stuff.
I'm not staff anymore, so please don't ask me about that,especially game engine related stuff. Message Kentona about the engine stuff, as the contacts page is out of date and no one seems to care about updating it...



New RPG Maker Announced! Already? Why?

RPG Maker Unite is a side product; its not intended to replace MZ but rather be an alternative as far as I know.

no one misses kentona

Hold my beer.

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

McBacon Jam 5 is being canceled in favor of something else due to new details and info. Stay tuned for something... fresh.

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

One month or one and a half sounds good. So how does this work exactly? How do we get our teams? I only have VX Ace so that limits to what I can use.

The idea is that you team up with people that you've never teamed up with on making a game before, though by rules, its mainly tracked with prior Mcbacon Jams though, so as long as you're making something with people you haven't teamed up with in prior events ( and the rules are so lax it only goes by exact team formation, so you cant have an exact team twice but you can teamup with people youve teamed up with in prior events before to a point).

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

Alright, I'm gonna make this (hopefully) a little easier. I put out that plan to try and accomodate people, BUT, if you reading this feel its not quite right with you (be it yourself and knowing you'd fall short given that time, or a distrust of others, or whatever reason) let me know HERE.

Here's roughly what were looking at:

1. 2 Weeks
2. 1 Month
3. 2 months
4. 3 months( Note, I won't go along with this anymore unless I get A LOT of people messaging me, like 30+ legit users that wanna take part)

Also, with this, I will have to adjust some dates.Speak up!

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

Alright, 19 yeses so Ill settle it at that to run MBJ5 then. Im gonna do this a bit differently so people have a better chance of getting what they want.

1.From now (as of this posting) until the end of May, All you folks will need to worry about is getting a team and making sure said team will work out for you. Get social, break some ice, setup a standard operating procedure for some possible issues ect.

2. To ensure this doesn't interfere with other peoples plans and still provides a good amount of time for teams, this will be an event running in the background for 3 months (Beginning of June to the end of August). On top of that, if another event comes up and you have the slightest desire to take part, I must strongly insist you give that event priority. I'm stretching it to 3 months to ensure there's a little conflict for event choices as possible, to a point (I'm mostly taking into account events on here and IGMC if that pops up during the summer).

3. Since I wont be joining a team for this, I will be deciding on a special badge for best/ most interesting entry most likely.

Let me know if there are any concerns, and more importantly, make sure read over point 2 at least a few times.

[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

^ this is not a great attitude to take when Stupify and RMNlympics were literally abandoned by their hosts, and while it's technically not possible for a McBacon to be "abandoned" because there's no actual work to it, it's not a great look when even the series' titular subject isn't willing to participate in it.

Oh I still intend on having a role in this besides running it, it's just that I won't be working with a team on a game in it, assuming of course anything does come of this discussion.