I'm not staff anymore, so please don't ask me about that,especially game engine related stuff.
I'm not staff anymore, so please don't ask me about that,especially game engine related stuff. Message Kentona about the engine stuff, as the contacts page is out of date and no one seems to care about updating it...


[Poll] So who wants one more McBacon Jam?

Gauging interest in McBacon Jam 5 and whether or not anyone wants it.

Hello again.

So after 6 months, here I am, back. As for my mental state, I'll start with by responding to some posts from my thread back then.

I don't know what exaggerated drama you have imagined and built up in your head, but obviously it sounds like you need a break. Get yourself sorted out and come back to make some cool games.

Long story short; I got issues (obviously), Not hiding or denying it. It's plain fact. Also, people say absurd shit and it gets annoying after a while, but don't worry, I'll be doing better about that too. As for gams, I did work on one with Maryfourdee for IGMC 2017, though it got DQ'd cause I guess people can't solve push puzzles, but we are looking to fix it up at least.

Bro, are you my secret second account that I've used to gain the favor of the masses before coming clean and shooting it all down with one big Nelson "ha ha!"? Because I swear this is exactly the kind of thing I've been dealing with lately.

No. Mine, at the end of the day, are just a few people whom I'll likely drop unless they stop being so negative and/or entitled. And while you have demonstrated better behavior than I've seen in the past, you got a ways to go before I can allow you to call me "bro". Nothing personal in this case, just one of those thing people gotta earn.

I understand the sentiment. As you grow attached to a community you start to feel an oversized sense of obligation towards it and it can easily overwhelm you if the expectations you placed on yourself are overzealous(but please don't try to bear my failings on your shoulders). (I've lost count of the times it has overwhelmed me)

You have done a lot for this community, and a lot for me, and I appreciate immensely. Don't burden yourself with it anymore, especially if it is no longer satisfying to do so.

Take care! and say hi to NEO Prime for me!

Well, the fact is, I still gotta do something, though I should change my focus, seeing that I've walked away from the engine stuff (not to mention I'm not as keen on getting new engine to play around with so much anymore (though I did get VNMaker). Also, it's hard saying "Hi" to something that you destroyed with your bare hands...

Rip mcbacon jams!

Not quite. I do still seem to have the power to make events, so I'm obligated to push out at least one more.

The writing was on the wall. Good luck m8.

Edit: I appreciate your helping me get sort of re-acclimated with the community at points.

If you feel you owe me or appreciate something I've done, just get and keep your shit together, ok decky? If you can keep yourself (or try to) keep yourself from repeating mbj4, that's all I can ask really.

I like RMN and don't understand the hidden stressors that make people implode every month or so.

No promises, but I'll at least try to do my part so it can stay that way for people who feel as you do.

Feel free to message me anytime, Ziggy. Good on you for knowing when something's no good for you anymore! I hope you feel better soon~<3

Just don't the koolaid please, and don't be afraid to re evaluate and question things from time to time.

author=Yellow Magic
I can speak out of experience: modding or administrating anything around here is bloody hard work.

Goodnight sweet prince

Good to see someone remembered what running slack as like.

TIL that doing nothing is hard work.

You're a funny man Sated. don't change. :P

I think that covers the bulk of things. Let's see how I do this time.

Going on hiatus

Effective immediately, I am going on a long hiatus from RMN and RMN controlled things; roughly six months or so at least. There are a number of things that have lead up to this, and I will get into all of that soon. This is something that I’ve been contemplating for a while (several weeks at least), so bear that in mind as I go through a whole list of things that have been bugging me and making this necessary.

First, I’m sure there are a reasonable number of people quite happy about this. A fair number of people have upset me over the years, and I’ve upset as well, so, I give you folks a brief moment of reprieve with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQLQ1Rc_Js

replace “witch” with “bitch” and “she” with “he” and you’re good to go, so go on then, you’re gonna need it.

If you wanna REALLY respond to this, I suggest hunting me down, unless you want a 6 month wait on a response. I wont be reading any responses or PMs here until the hiatus is over, and even that depends on it even being possible for it to be read by me. On a side note, if you’re wondering why I haven’t really jumping into arguments or calling shit out like I’m suppose to, it’s all because of this.

Next, Ill address the RMN Discord server stuff. First of all, I’m turning over all primary control that I have to someone whom I trust with my life, someone I can trust when I can’t trust myself in these sorts of situations, and is a staff member in all sorts of places (translation, Nessy). Basically, whatever she decides is the best course of action, I can trust and have no regrets about. With that, I’ll be done with RMN discord. It’ll be more than able to take care of itself without me.

I have a confession to make; #NSFW’s deletion was going to happen even if it was complying with every little thing. Remember how I said this hiatus was on my mind for weeks now? I had no intention of letting anyone else carry the risky burden that it was. The drama that transpired simply made things more convenient, although some of the drama has aggravated other things some. Speaking of the drama; no, I’m not doing this cause of what kloe did or what happened to her. If you’re thinking this, reread my opening paragraph at least 7 more times.

As for the engines pages, there really isn’t much desire from what I can tell from them. I’d even say that maybe listing a games engine is something that should be less mandatory and slowly wind down as mandatory due to the current BS of games being stigmatized solely based on the software used to make it(Yes, I know there’s more to it than that; there’s ALWAYS more to it than that). I don’t feel much of a need or reward for trying to keep it a bit more up to date, and not being able to do my job because of shit reasoning that’s been debunked via submissions gives me even less to take even a shred of pride in.

So, that leaves us with events. What of McBacon Jam you ask? Unless I end up being trimmed fat after my hiatus(or banne), I’ll see about running at least one more; resignation or not. I pondered the idea of other events so I wasn’t some boring, one trick pony. These concepts and ideas would have to be discussed, and this is assuming of course that I continue doing what I do after I’m back.

Those were duties I was active in and in the minds of at least some, was at least somewhat competent in. There is still the issue of coding the site. In this regard, I personally have fallen short in this regard. Its safe to say I’m not anywhere near competent enough to really be messing with that, let alone a more than a shred more competent than I was when I offered to help out on that front. In this regard, I am a failure, and until I can get my shit together properly and get a flow going so that I am respectable and capable in such matters, I shall remain such. For anyone who matters that I’ve let down in regards to it, I apologize.

There are more things I may as well address since I’m taking the time to do all this. TFT, somehow, someway, I know this will get your attention, so I owe you a lil something, and I’ll take care of that right here, and right now. An honest, sincere apology. Back when ghost was around, you were calling him out and I gave you some shit for it. I was wrong, he was and VERY VERY likely is still a piece of shit. For that, I apologize to you. Now, this being shmup business, I don’t expect anything serious or heartfelt in response, and THAT OK. An apology was due, and it’s at least been given, and sincerely at that. For anyone saying that TFT doesn’t deserve any apologies, it’s probably safe to say he’s far more deserving of my respect in spite of all he’s done than you are, so kindly piss off please.

Something else I’ll address but not name the person who asked me, for their protection. Said person asked me how I felt being a staff member of a “dead place” (I’m paraphrasing because I forgot the original wording). I don’t think “dead” is anywhere near accurate really. Even “dying” might be pushing it. “Suffering from cancer” may be a better way to put it, but that could be said of most communities. To be perfectly honest, I’m an outsider, and watching a place you called home go in a downward spiral is painful. I at least try to do what I can here at RMN, and hope what little I do makes some impact. To be fair, I’m not sure there’s anything I could do for the other places I’ve tried to help. I hope that at least somewhat answers your question.

And now, the grand finale, the real thing that is making me feel the need to take this hiatus. I beginning to lose trust in people, even some of my friends. Because of this, the pool of people I feel I can talk to feels like its dwindling. I wont hold myself up as some paragon or lovable person even; but seriously, some of you people are going way off the deep end here. You’re becoming the monster you claim to hate, and it pains me.

P.S: If you’re worried about me going rogue, Just bear in mind that I have enough friends in staff to not want to bring (more?)shame to myself that way.

[Poll] McBacon Jam 5?

Pretty much what the names say. Just checking present interest.

Just an fyi in regards to RMNs slack and IRC

Come September 1st, RMN's slack will be closed and deleted forever, and the IRC channel will no longer be official and thus wont be supported. Basically, if there's something you want that's on slack still, get it before then. As for IRC, it wont mean much anyways. That's all on that

In regards to slack signups

I have turned on the killswitch for the moment due to the whole mail system having some issues. in the mean time, if you wish to join us on slack, send me a PM and Ill help you get on.

McBacon Jam #4

So, who wants this? Is this a good time for running one in the community's opinion? (Nothign set in stone but might as well test thew waters on this one).

RNM slack, and a lil survey to help me (hopefully) improve some things

Pretty much what the title says. Im not interested in stuff like name, age and gender, unless you specify that in the last section. Also, this meant meant for past and present users of slack. With that said here it is:

About McBacon Jam 3

A lil late, but here it is everyone; the McBacon Jam 3 thread.

Heres the rundown of the basics

A) 1 month duration (August first to September 1st.
B) extensions are extremely unlikely
C) A theme has been more or less decided
D) As usual you cant use the same team setups you've had in previous McBacon Jams, and you're highly encouraged to be a part of team setups that you haven't been a part of before.
E) A sister event to this one is quite likely to happen (details will be revealed as things are discussed and setup).

As always, feel free to ask questions and comment on things.

[Poll] No IGMC this year it looks like; who wants an august event?

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