Swap in the Middle with Two

I only have VX Ace.

Revive the Dead 2: Deader or Alive

I've chosen to revive a game I haven't worked on since RMN's 10th birthday event ended. Don't know what to rename it yet for now but here's my to-do list:
-Change the aesthetic of the game (Mostly tilesets, sprites, enemy sprites, other minor graphics)
-Possibly change font
-Add enemies (Including the final boss)
-Add more skills
-Work on mapping the town, dungeon, and other maps
-Work on classes
-Edit weapons and armor
-Work on cutscenes and change the story
-Possibly edit sound effects
-Make title screen
-Remove old files in the game's folders
-After finishing all of the above, playtest the game and fix any bugs or mistakes
-Plan to finish the game on October 28th, as well as work on and submit the gamepage the day after.

A Demon Crystal Story

wwweeeelllllllllllllll it's this week....where's my download?? :)

I might be able to finish the game this week or next week.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

I failed my first goal but my second goal is to redo the intro to a secret game project I've been working on.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

My first goal is to finish the last two dungeons in one of my games, Nightmare Hunter. The two dungeons are almost complete but I have been putting them off for months.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Sign me up.

A Fancy Little Adventure

Stairs? Haven't found any stairs. and I tried every possible ice slide.

Here's an image to explain it better:

A Fancy Little Adventure

So far so good, but I'm stuck in LV8 (Brr) after the merchant tent. I think there's a block stone missing to stop my slide. That's why I can't reach the next switch (the left one after hitting the right).

You do not need to flip that left switch to proceed to the next level. Just go down the stairs to the right and then go down until you see an open left path (if you hit the right switch) and continue right from there until you stairs to the 9th level. The left switch is just used to open a shortcut, but I guess I didn't see that you can't get to that switch.

Swap in the Middle with You~

I'll compile a list of who can use what, then do some randomisation. Below this post tell me what engine you used and which ones you can use. Yes, I know some of you stated that before but this way I don't have to go trawling through 25 pages of posts. (Feel free to quote your initial posts saying that if you want.)

Here is my original post:
I only own and use VX Ace.

Swap in the Middle with You~

I only own and use VX Ace.
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