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Fear Society 2 Review

Thanks for taking the time to play my game and for the review. You made a lot of valid points and now in retrospect, I feel that I could have done a better job with how some of the stories concluded.

I would recommend that you play my other game "One Of You". That game has a more robust story when compared to Fear Society 2.

Fear Society Review

Thanks for the review. I'll be on the lookout for the Fear Society 2 Review. It's a major improvement when compared to this game.

Fear Society 2

Yeah, it'd be nice if the game received an expansion. It was a bit short (took me about 45 minutes to finish all stories). There's also one part that is left unexplained.

Who sent the letter to Detective Bishop near the end of "No Witness" after making an arrest? The letter made it rather obvious that the victim's wife was involved in his death.

Other than that, the game was overall cool and enjoyable, even though it has quite a lot of room for improvement, especially story-wise. In comparison to the first game, this one features more mystery elements than horror. For me, the scariest one was "The Call". It's nighttime, you're home alone, receive a strange phone call and weird things start happening. Enough to give someone chills.

The letter at the end could have been from a family member or someone who did the paperwork for the life insurance policy. I left this up to the player to decide and to make their own decisions based on the information that was given. The player could have also decided that it was just a rumor and that's why I titled the last day "Rumors."

I'm glad you liked the game and thanks for the feedback. I took inspiration from Triangle(2009) when I made "The Call". I was actually going to do a similar story, but due to time constraints I went in a different direction. I posted the link to the movie if you want to check it out.

Fear Society 2

How do I get a different ending other than the neutral one in Room 303? There's one locked door on the ground floor but it has no key. Also, at the Detention story, I didn't quite understand the locker and self-evaluation tests. I'm sure I did the first two right but I get a bad ending regardless.

Spoilers below

One of the lockers will sound different than the other lockers. That's how you know which one is the right one.

The answer to the self evaluation is "Hidden Potential". It's the only choice Mrs. Carlson doesn't say Tate is deficient or bad at. All the other choices she makes crude comments or explains that the needs to work on those skills.

Here are the answers for Detention:
Locker on the back row farthest to the right
"Hidden Potential"

The room in 303 is intentionally locked for now. I may do an update to extend the story and make this room available in a future update.

You can only get one ending in Room 303 for now. I wanted to revisit this story in a future update so I intentionally left it on a cliff hanger for now.

Fear Society 2

Subbed. It's nice seeing you back working on Fear Society 2 again. I liked the first one so I'll be waiting for the full release of the sequel.

I'm really close to finishing the game so you shouldn't have to wait too long for the full release. I'm hoping to release in the next two to three weeks.

This game will be as good or even better than my game "One of You".

Thanks for the sub and the support. I really appreciate it. I really think you're going to like this game if you like "Fear Society".

Vanish Review

Thank you for the review and I'm glad you liked it.

You're absolutely right that I could have done more with the game, but I wanted to leave the game on a cliffhanger for now.

I plan on doing a prequel sometime next year so be on the lookout for that.

Also, the code for the computer is 3013.


This is a pretty interesting game. Do you unlock the chapters in the game, or are there separate games coming?

Currently, you can't unlock the chapters. I will be releasing Chapter 2 sometime in July or August.


Hello. Are Third Exit and Fear Society 2 cancelled for good?

Third Exit is cancelled for now. I'm not sure about Fear Society 2. I might redo that game after I finish with this one.

Fear Society 2 Review

Thanks for the taking the time to play my game, and for the review.

One Of You

It was a quite spooky experience. The plot was very interesting but I hoped you would use this shapeshifting feature a little more to bring some paranoia into the story. You could have made the player finding clues to figure out who's the monster. Instead it was only used as a quite obvious plot twist in the end (of scenario A) so I think it's a a little missed opportunity.

What I disliked were the choices given by the game. No matter what I choose the outcome would in 90% remain the same regardless. And other times when I really wanted to do things different I was forced to go a certain way. This were my experience with scenario A btw. I didn't try s.B a second time.

So you were inspirated by V/H/S? Well congratulations. I feel just as unsatisfied as when I watched the movie. :D
Is there any way to archive some kind of good ending?

I got 2 endings in scenario A and 1 ending in scenario B and C.

It depends how you perceive a good ending. If you want every character to survive and be alive at the completion of the game then no there are no good endings like that. Thanks for playing, and I will try to work on making my future games less linear.
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