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Fear Society 2
Four short tales of horror constructed from real life events, and urban legends.



Fear Society 2 Review

Thanks for the taking the time to play my game, and for the review.

One Of You

It was a quite spooky experience. The plot was very interesting but I hoped you would use this shapeshifting feature a little more to bring some paranoia into the story. You could have made the player finding clues to figure out who's the monster. Instead it was only used as a quite obvious plot twist in the end (of scenario A) so I think it's a a little missed opportunity.

What I disliked were the choices given by the game. No matter what I choose the outcome would in 90% remain the same regardless. And other times when I really wanted to do things different I was forced to go a certain way. This were my experience with scenario A btw. I didn't try s.B a second time.

So you were inspirated by V/H/S? Well congratulations. I feel just as unsatisfied as when I watched the movie. :D
Is there any way to archive some kind of good ending?

I got 2 endings in scenario A and 1 ending in scenario B and C.

It depends how you perceive a good ending. If you want every character to survive and be alive at the completion of the game then no there are no good endings like that. Thanks for playing, and I will try to work on making my future games less linear.


I think this would look better if you made the shower door transparent and displaying over the character

Thanks for the tip. I still have a few days before I release the game so I might try that to see how it looks.


Ummm dude... like... jump off?

I don't want to spoil it, but his movement has been restricted preventing him from jumping off.

One Of You

I really liked this game! I'd give it a 3.5/5.

Things I liked:
how the plot unfolds
how the stories tie together
the multiple endings
the design of the house/rooms
the father's notes/ journal

Things I disliked:
grammatical errors
occasionally wooden dialogue
Some logical errors (for example:
Maria can't get the key to the office because she's too short, so why doesn't she just ask Taylor to get it?

On the whole, great job! I hope you make more games in the future.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you liked the game. I will try and fix all the issues with this game when I get a chance.

Maria can't get the key to the office because she's too short, so why doesn't she just ask Taylor to get it?

I could come up with an excuse, but to tell you the truth, this is just an error on my part. Sometimes I don’t think through all the scenarios like I should, and it can be problematic for me as well as anyone who takes the time out of their day to play my game. This is one of my shortcomings as a developer so I’m doing my best to fix this issue for future games, and projects. I’m working on a new project so be on the lookout for that, and hopefully you will have a more enjoyable experience with this new game I’m creating than you did with “One Of You”.

One Of You

This is the kind of game I always wanted to make, but on a much smaller scale. This is a very short game. Reminds me of another game that's extremely popular.

Do you remember the name of the popular game you are referring to?


could you also put in walkthroughs for getting the different endings?

I've been very busy, but I will make a video showing all the endings. I should have it completed in the next few days.


Looks good!


One Of You

Very well done! I really enjoyed the story especially with the different Scenarios. I've always enjoyed getting to put the story together in such a way, it makes for great replay value and cool to see it in full spectrum. You get those cool AHA moments! So once again well done and look forward to future projects :)

I managed to get 5 of the endings not sure what I need to do to see the 6th one.
I'm assuming each Scenario has 2 endings, I only got 1 in Scenario C. Where the father comes home and meets a bloody Crystal at the bottom of the stairs. If I'm correct any chance for a hint on what I need to do?

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This ending can only be achieved in Scenario B.
To achieve this ending follow the steps below:
After you receive the bent knife from Taylor, go downstairs.
Make sure not to watch the DVD or talk to Taylor, and proceed upstairs, and use the knife on the bathtub to retrieve the key.
Unlock the door on the second floor, and go downstairs into the camera room, and escape through the window.
Go up to the front door to activate the next cut scene.
Then go to the neighbor's house to achieve that ending.

Scenario A has two endings.
Scenario B has three endings.
Scenario C only has one ending.

One Of You

I love the music in the game, good job!!
Today I played scenario A and it's really interesting. I will absolutely continue it!!

Thanks for the support. If you like Scenario A, you're going to love the other Scenarios. Scenario C is my favorite.
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