Erm, I'm more of an artist than a game designer. But I'm interested in learning!



Do you prefer "strong" or "sissy" protagonists?

I like powerful protagonists, but not, macho over-muscled steroids poppin' characters(I can't see those character fighting day after day random battle after random battl before their heart gives up before the end of the game...). Just something a little badass. Though I wouldn't mind so much a scrawny character if he was like a magician of some sort cause in certain scenarios that works.
It annoys me a little when I see a battle-worn character who's been through some epic warfare/battle/lifestyle and is visually unscathed. He should show at least some bags under his eyes, have some mental defect from trauma, a scar or two would be nice just to show he's been through it. Sometimes it feels like glue the story to the pretty character. The character CAN still be pretty, but I like it when they're pretty and believable.

I propse an Amusing Image thread

O_______O Almost as scarey as when I met a pedobear cosplayer. How old are you little giiiiiiiiiiiirl?

Stupid stuff from your childhood that nobody else remembers

And a wannabe canuck apparently!

A wannabe what?

Hello, I'm Zilla.

Lol, jk. Actually my name's based off an OC of mine. Zilla's a female name.

The name Zilla is a baby girl name. I found this name a couple years ago in a baby naming book I bought for naming my characters and since I was fond of names that began with Z this stuck.
"The name Zilla comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Zilla is: Shadow."- babynames.com
She might be incorporated into my first game.

post your picture

Mmm... It's me.

I look crazy. XD

Resource Museum

Ch-chipsets... I'm not sure if I want to use these or make my own graphics. @_@ *torn*

New Pokemon Black & White Info. OH NOES MORE POKEYMANS!

Hey, I categorize this with art of 'sexy' disney princesses, just not as able to kill my childhood because I expect anything anime/game based to have a fan following of this sort.

But to be honest... I WANT THAT CHINCHILLA ;A; it's so cute! *still a pokemon fan from Red version to Soul Silver*

A Story Without Words

I somewhat agree with the fact words are overused, and it seems to substitute making more sprite art. It annoys me more when someone uses action text. In example:
*Skippy handed Edwardo the key*
*Skippy falls down then gets back up*
Okay, maybe I'd prefer a text version of that last one. Bu I think my point is clear. :[ I like to see a dandy little sprite that shows actual emotion. Darken has a point about face sets as well.
When I see someone use a faceset it looks disconnected from the actual game and makes me think of dating sims in a way. The emotions are there but it's plain. It just doesn't give that little jump you get when you see your favorite character's sprite dancing for joy or hiding it's face in it's hands when it's ashamed or sad. It strikes me as somewhat lazy.

Stupid stuff from your childhood that nobody else remembers

Reboot. I'm a 90s kid.

Someday, I might compose for film/movies

=3= That soothed my ears... lovely sound.
That would work great as a mystic forest sort of theme.
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