Erm, I'm more of an artist than a game designer. But I'm interested in learning!


Hello, I'm Zilla.

Truth be told I've been visiting this site time to time to take a gander at the lovely indie games. It's been a year since I found this site and I'm somewhat surprised I joined so late in the game. I'm just really nervous about joining new sites. I like to try to stay active on everything I join.

I'm an artist in North Carolina, yet another one of those manga artists. *heheheh...* Examples of my work can be seen on my website or just by glancing over to my avatar. I've been drawing manga style work for roughly ten years now so I'm fairly disappointed that I'm not better. I will be though! I swear it! erm.... maybe I came off as too enthusiastic.. hehe.

I'm currently learning the ropes on how to use RPG maker 2003 from scratch since I have little knowledge on how to script or anything like that. I'm really a n00b. XD I just felt it would be something fun to learn.

I am a fairly decent writer, but I still think I need to work on that as well. I'm such an incomplete person; I'll never be satisfied with my own work. hehe.

Oh, as far as details about me's me-ness I'm nearly 20, female, I live in the NC(didn't I say this already?) and I love hanging around anime fans. :3 They're such warm people.
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