Hello, My name is Zmakesgame, but I just go by Z for short.
I am an indie game developer that hopes to someday grow and show more of my stories. While I am quite the quiet person, I very much enjoy hearing what someome has to say or what they are passionate about. If you ever would like to say hi, please do.

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What is it that I can't remember?




I never thought a video game would affect me this way. I never thought that this would turn out to be the hardest game I ever played but not in terms of difficulty. Every character felt almost like a real person.
I'm glad that I got to say goodbye to them.
I liked Misaki and the Willow fangirl.
As somebody who is (closeted) trans, I felt for Chiyo. She reminds me so much of myself. Her story was the saddest part of the game for me.
I also absolutely love the soundtrack, it goes so well with the game. Some of it reminds me of the work of Jean Michel Jarre and Frank Klepacki. I wanted to see Naomi through to the end and am glad that everybody got the happy ending they deserved. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with the world.

Thank you so much for your wonderful message. It truly does make me so happy that you had enjoyed Mare so much, even with how heavy the game can be. Waking up to find this message truly made my day so much brighter.

Please have a wonderful day and thank you again for telling me your experience. qvq


Hi can I play your game on my YT channel if you don't mind

Yes, you are allowed to play the game on your youtube channel. qvq -Z


@NoBody13 qvq/ Thank you!


@AtiyaTheSeeker qvq/ Thank you! I have always like the enemy sprites that are right up in your face, so I am glad that I did well on them!


@RPGHorrorfan qvq/ It is lovely to see you here as well!



I'm really glad that you liked the story.

It is true that not all endings can be happy, but I'm glad that you liked the story regardless.

Thank you for playing -Z



You are more than welcome to upoload it to youtube. c: Do you mind if I can have a link to the video once you post it?




I have no problem with you wanting to do a let's play of it. I would just like the link to it. c:

Also, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Good luck on getting the other endings! If you need any help at all on getting them, just let me know and I will send a link to the walk-through to you.




I look forward to it! c: -Z



This is how you do it:
To kill Phoebe, you need to ignore the crying coming from downstairs. You need to head to Cieran's room (It's the room that when you enter it when you have saved Phoebe that you will hear a mirror break.) The room is directly right from the upstairs and it is the first room at the top. You cannot talk to Rachel at all if you are trying to kill Phoebe, talking to her will lock you on to the "Saving Phoebe route". It will ask you if you are sure you want to open it, hit yes and Phoebe will die.

If you have anymore questions, Please feel free to ask. c: -Z
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